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This job requires excellent customer relations skills, clear and effective communication, and cooperation with fellows. Responsible for preparing, processing, packaging, and stocking products according to Whole Foods Standards. This job requires some deli experience and the proper use of knives, slicer, trash compactor, baler and all other equipment used during food preparation and cleanup. This job also involves following the supervisor’s requests and doing them in timely manners. JOB B

Cashier Team member
This job requires operating cash register and assisting customers with purchases and providing a prompt, efficient, and courteous customer experience. Keep supplies stocked and a clean area. This job requires math skills and excellent communication skills. JOB C

Prepared Food – Supervisor Team Leader
This job requires an overall management and supervision of the Prepared Food Department as well as the hiring, development and termination process. A prepared food manager is responsible to control the operational expenses, achieve targeted sales and establishing and maintaining collaborative and productive relationships. The prepared food manger also requires to report to store team leader and to associate store team leader. JOB D

Prepared Food – Overnight Supervisor Team Leader
The Prepared Food Supervisor is responsible to assist team leader in the night operations. Provide excellent service to customers and support the team leadership in maintaining quality standards in production and counter display. Report any team member who violates Whole Foods polices or standards to the team leader or associate team leader. JOB E

Dishwasher Team Member
A Dishwasher will be responsible for unloading kitchen deliveries and cleaning all of the dishes, utensils, pots and pans. Other areas of responsibility include food prep work and maintaining food quality and sanitation in kitchen. A Dishwasher must ensure that all production teams have sanitary tools and workspaces. JOB F

Stock Leader Team Leader
Assist with scheduling, supervision of team members and in organizing and developing promotional displays. Communicate and maintain Team Member safety and security standards. Help train Team Members in other department if needed and performs all duties and responsibilities of grocery team member. JOB G

Prepared Food Assistant Team Leader Assistant
This job requires reporting directly to Prepared Foods Team Leader. A Prepared Food Assistant will be responsible for hiring, development and termination as well as communicating and maintaining Team Member safety and security standards and follow and comply with all applicable health and sanitation procedures. Another responsibility includes inventory management. JOB H

Store Regional Manager Team Leader
The Store Team Leader will lead, assist and support each store team leader while being accountable for all department operations. A Store Team Leader is also responsible to evaluate customer service performance and resolve complaint and responsible for profitability, expense control, buying-merchandising, regulatory compliance, and special projects as assigned. JOB I

Stock Assistant Team Assistant
This role will include setting and maintaining attractive Prepared Foods displays, maintenance of the stocks in the shelves and keeping the area clean and organize. Comply with all applicable safety regulations and provide excellent customer service. Leaders

Process, Techniques and Factors
The process used to arrive at the job strcuture began with identifying the job duties, roles, authority relationships, skills required, conditions of work, and additional relevant information as indicated in the job description. After reading and compering all job descriptions, a job title was assigned to each letter to be able to determine the approximate ranking difference betweeen different jobs. Appareantly Whole Foods divides employees in teams instead of a herarchal structure.

In order to determine the worth of each job, a point method was chosen by breaking down jobs based on identifable criteria and the degree to wich each criteria exist on the job. The compensable factors chosen are skills, effort and responsibility. Each compensable factor has a different percent value (skills 50%, effort 30% & responsibility 20%). Each compensable factor has two subfctors, with five degrees each. The reason of chosen these three factor is because they were found using the job description and they allow for comparisions to be seen between different jobs. Skills, Effort and Responability Compensable Factors Degrees Degree 1

Requires little or no previous experience and training in the food, healthor janitorial services. Perfrom actions in a set of order per writters or verbal instrcutions. Refers problems to the supervisor. Efficient comunication skilss and custumer service and team work colaboration. Degree 2

Requires some basix learning and some previous experience. Solve routine problems and have excelent communication skilss and customer service. Knoweledge of all relevant and organizational polices and standars. Ability to work in a fast envioroment. Degree 3

Knowledge of an extensive body of products, services, tools, and eqiptment. Knowledge of standar polices and procedures. Training and previous experience is required to perform task. Responds to team leaders and expected to act within standars and established procedures. Excelent communication skills. Degree 4

Knoeledge of the principles and methodology of a service field. Extensive experience and training and analytical judgement in dealing with complex problems. Reports to Regional Manager. Degree 5
Extensive knowledge and expeirence in the service field. Plan, delegates and implements complex tasks. Actions limited only by company polices abd budget. Deli -Bakery Clerk

Prepared Food – Supervisor

Prepared Food – Overnight Supervisor


Stock Leader

Prepared Food Assistant

Store Regional Manager

Stock Assistant

Evaluation of the Job Description
What Parts of them were most useful?
The part that was more useful was the job requirements. They were detailed and helped to assign the worth value to each job. How could they be improved? Most of the job description failed to include to who the position was to report to. The lack of this type of details made difficult the creation of a hierarchal chart. Also there were some positions that were very similar and it was hard to differentiate their responsibilities. This can be improved by including in the job description the distinguishing characteristics of the job and the authority.

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