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Job Interview Skills Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

I have been to some interviews before, formal interviews, scholarship interviews, and casual interviews. But I have never experienced a real job interview. Before, I was really intimidated by the term “job interview”. Some people say that it may be the basis whether one will get his dream job or not; so I can feel that a person’s life depends on it. A single move may make or break one’s dream. What makes this seminar extra special is that all of us gets to feel the actual interview scenario, where we were asked questions whose answers are prepared beforehand and where we were caught off-guard by some shocking questions that are quite difficult to answer given only a short amount of time.

Aside from the actual interview, we were also taught steps on how to prepare before the interview, ways to relax to ease the tension, and how to speak in such a way that we will appear very fluent in speaking English as if it was our own language. True enough, a job interview is so crucial that one must really prepare for it. The ways to prepare are simple and some are actually fun to do, as discussed in the January seminar. It felt so good that the scholars are actually given the chance to prepare for job interviews as early as now since the skills learned in the seminar are not limited to only job interviews. It can also be applied to normal conversations or doing speeches. It is almost always used in our everyday lives. So in one way or another, this seminar will definitely help me land on my dream job.

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