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Many jobs nowadays require good math skills. Not many people are fans of math, but if you go job hunting, most require a lot math background. STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, helps students understand the importance of math in everyday life. Plenty of jobs require the knowledge of mathematics, but some important ones are doctors, forensic scientists, and cryptanalysts. One important job that requires math background is being a doctor. Physicians use math daily when they use statistics and probability for test results. Then there are forensic analysts. It’s their job to solve cases through analyzing fingerprints, dentistry, voice, speech, etc. Math is used in this job when the analysts use bloodstains to tell the story of the crime. The location where it lands and the shape of the blood reveal a lot to the analysts through them using math principles.

Another job that involves math is a cryptanalyst. These people analyze and decipher secret codes. A lot of times, cryptanalysts have to do cryptic computations and use numerical analysis and theorems and postulates to solve the code. As you can see, math is basically used everyday, without people even realizing it. Humans use math when they shop and in their jobs. Math is a very important concept that people need to understand in order to get a successful job, at least most of the time. Although many people don’t like math, it’s one of the main things looked for on a job application, so it’s very useful to know it.

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