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Joe Tech Job Offer Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Robust Routers seeks to extend a job offer to Joe Tech to come on board as an Associate Product Manager for the Terabit Router Group. Having interned at Robust Routers the previous summer, Joe Tech was familiar with the company and the advanced work it has accomplished in the technology industry within the last decade. His experience of working alongside Leigh Bultema, one of RR’s brightest workers, aided not only in a job being offered to him after his internship, but more importantly that of his hard work with Leigh resulting in receiving an order from one of RR’s largest customers for its new terabit router, Horizon Communications.

This accomplishment comes at a perfect time for Joe’s efforts to be noticed and praised considering that the technology industry has been experiencing a slump in its share prices, thus making this tremendous sale a positive thing to look forward to for RR. Now that the job offer is on the table for Joe Tech to either accept or deny, it’s important to not just take whatever RR has to offer and determine where the battles must be lost in order to win the war in negotiating the contract terms.

Considering that RR was able to secure a large from its best customer largely in part due to efforts

by Leigh Bultema’s team, a team to which Joe was a part of, Joe should negotiate an annual salary

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of $95,000 while keeping the $15,000 signing bonus already outlined in the offer letter. The reason for this is that Joe was able to showcase his ability to work hard and achieve the company’s strategies and initiatives as an intern in the short amount of time that he was allotted. Leaving this on the table for consideration, it’s highly like that Joe will continue to excel at the level of a full-time employee and meet more goals that will be set before him by the company.

In addition to the benefits listed in the offer letter, it would be preferred to also have listed the frequency in which performance reviews will be conducted. This is important because Joe, as with any other employee at RR, ought to be rewarded on a consistent basis when his hard work manifests itself in the company’s annual reports of profits. The stock options available to Joe in the offer letter is a great offer because it is being offered at the strike price and the vesting period is also long enough that Joe can see the gains, but also short enough to where he will be able to have the ability to reinvest once that period is over, depending on how the company will be fairing in the market. Considering that the current market is in an upswing, Joe will be able to enter at just the right time and will be able to continue to monitor how well the company does not just as a whole, but Joe will be provided the opportunity to help make the company profitable in the department he has been offered a job in.

Overall, the job offer is a great one considering that Joe made an exceptional impression on the executives of RR early on during his internship. Having made that impression afforded Joe the opportunity of a job offer that, while there can be some changes made, it is a one that shows that RR appreciates Joe’s efforts and want to continue nurturing his ability in order that they can benefit from it just as much as Joe will benefit from the job at RR.

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