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The last of the Mohicans illustrates traits of romanticism. The portrayal of Native Americans and natural beauty of America is a good example of romanticism in colonial America. It shuns the artificiality of civilization and seeks unspoiled nature and contemplates nature’s beauty as much a path to spiritual and moral development. Hawkeye one of the characters in the video honors a dear he just killed to thank it for life and he also loves the natural beauty of America.

Hawkeye has contemplates natures beauty as a path to spiritual and moral development in the video were Hawkeye has love for nature and its wilderness. He was born and raised as a child in it, by Mohawks, into a man he learned how to live in the wilderness, it nurtured him and gave him life and he respected that, and he demonstrated it when he thanks the deer he just had killed for proving him life. As we get into more into the movie we see a better understanding of Hawkeye, we see more characteristics of a romantic hero within the spirit of Hawkeye. The natural beauty of America shuns the artificiality of civilization and seeks unspoiled nature like the water, night sky, and the trees in the environment. Hawkeye demonstrates his love for the wilderness and its life when he resists town life. He hunts, lives, eats and sleeps in the nature as he was intertwined within the same body as nature.

Hawkeye strong predilection for nature has qualified him as a romantic hero. He hunts animals in the forest; he lives in a cabin that is surrounded by acres and trees; he camps with Chingachgook and Uncas in the forest as well. In addition, Hawkeye refuses to move into a city and live there because he thinks living in nature allows him to do many things that he cannot do in a city. He also refuses to fight in the war with the British by telling the lieutenant he doesn’t call himself a loyal subject to the king or anyone else but for himself, so he joins the war but on his own terms.

Hawkeye role in the movie has allow him to become this romantic hero with unique personality such as humorous, fearsome, and dauntless, it is very obvious that the movie of the last of the Mohicans portraits lots of traits of romanticism like individualism, subjectivism, irrationalism, imagination, and emotion over reason. The last of the Mohicans has many elements that has many valuable lessons, and as well many interesting facts about Indian culture making it a great video for romanticism.

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