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Dr. Josef Mengele was a very well-known scientist, doctor, and madman. He conducted cruel and disgusting experiments on anyone that arrived at Auschwitz. He did his work in the name of the Nazi ideology. Josef, wanted to unlock the secrets of genealogy so that he could create the perfect race, blond haired, blue eyed Aryans. Doctor Josef Mengele conducted torturous experiments on hundreds of patients and sent a countless number of people to their death, that’s why he was known as the “Angle of Death”.

Doctor Josef Mengele was born on March 16th 1911. He was the oldest son of Karl and Walburga Mengele. Growing up he was very intelligent, and very popular in his town. His father Karl wanted Josef to work as an accountant. But, Josef wanted to do something beyond the lines of business. Ever since a little boy, Josef had dreamt of leaving Gunzburg and pursuing in science and anthropology (The Young Mengele). As a child, Josef had a unique style of clothing wearing only hand-tailored and sporting white cotton dress gloves, which soon became his trademark that separated him from other SS doctors. In 1926, Josef Mengele was diagnosed with osteomyelitis. It is a disease that affects the kidney. This sickness affected him throughout his entire life. He had to resign from the SA due to it, and he also had to wait a few years before he could fight in combat because of the pain it caused him (The Young Mengele). In 1930 he graduated from the Gunzburhg Gymnasium , which was a high school. He was then accepted to the University of Munich.

He studied philosophy and medicine. He began to develop interest in eugenics. Engenics is the study of genetics that tries to reveal the reasons for deformities and imperfections ( Dr. Ernist Rudin influenced Josef. His beliefs were that some lives were not worth living and should be removed from the general population with the help of doctors. After attending college for five years Josef was awarded a Ph.D, for his thesis “Racial Morphological Research on the Lower Jaw Section of Four Racial Groups.” (Josef Mengele Biography). In 1936 Josef passed his state medical exam and began working for Professor Otmar Verschuer who had a major influence on the cruel and torturous actions Josef preform. In 1937 he was appointed a research assistant at the Third Reich Institute for Heredity, Biology, and Racial Purity at the University of Frankfurt where he worked for Verschuer (About, Josef Mengele). In 1938, he applied for membership and was accepted into the SS. In 1938, he received his first military training with the Wehrmacht. He later won a few awards for his bravery as a soldier.

He earned the Iron Cross, First Class by pulling two soldiers out of a burning tank while under enemy fire, and was awarded the Black Badge for the Wounded and the Medal for the Care of the German People (About, Josef Mengele). In July of 1939 Mengele married Irene Schoenbein. He joined the medical corps of the Waffen SS in 1940. In August of 1940 Josef was appointed an Untersturmführer (Josef Mengele Biography). He then became wounded and unfit for combat and became the captian of the Waffen SS. On May 30, 1943 Josef Mengele arrived to Auschwitz. He was then appointed chief doctor at Auschwitz. He conducted many horrific medical experiments, especially on twins. He killed over 400,000 people this is where he got his nickname “The Angel of Death”. There is a lot of Controversy that surrounds the outcomes of his experiments, as their occasionally sophisticated findings have proved of undeniable use, for example, in the development of thinking on hereditary genetics and DNA (Josef Mengele Biography). On March 11, 1944 his son, Rolf, was born. A year later he fled from Auschwitz. Josef and his family arrived at Gross-Rosen camp, to hide, then they left before the Russians liberated it on February 11, 1945.

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