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In this activity, you will experiment with the Creator role. By choosing to take responsibility for your life, you will immediately gain an increased power to achieve your greatest potential.

1. Complete each of the ten sentence stems below. For example, someone might complete the first sentence stem as follows: If I take full responsibility for all of my actions, I will accomplish great things.

1) If I take full responsibility for all of my actions, I will accept the consequences that come along with those actions and move forward so that I can become a more independent person.

2) If I take full responsibility for all of my thoughts, I will think more positive about things because I will understand what I can control and what I can’t.

3) If I take full responsibility for all of my feelings, I will not always second-guess myself of the decisions I make and will not overreact when something does not go the way I intended it to.

4) If I take full responsibility for my education, then I will continue to be successful in my courses which will help me be successful in life.

5) If I take full responsibility for my career, I will choose what field of work I’d like to go into. 6) If I take full responsibility for my relationships, I will choose to keep relations with people who benefit my life in the right way so that I can focus on my priorities.

7) If I take full responsibility for my health, I will do things that help me continue to be healthy so that I can live a long and prosperous life.

8) If I take full responsibility for all that happens to me, I will learn to accept things that I cannot change and be less likely to be surprised or
get discouraged when something does not go my way.

9) When I am acting fully responsible for my life, I will be able to focus on what matters and what gets me ahead rather than blaming someone else for my own mistakes.

10) If I were to create my very best self, I’d have more self-confidence, choose better decisions that will benefit me in the long run, and focus on what I can be for myself rather than trying to live my life for someone else.

2. In this space, write about what you have learned or relearned about personal responsibility and how you will use this knowledge to improve your life.

By reading and writing about personal responsibility, I have learned that although it is easier to blame others for my failures and my mistakes, it is because of my personal responsibility that I will be able to have college success. I will have a clear understanding of what I expect from my education as well as what I expect for my future. I will work harder than I ever have to accomplish every goal that I set for myself in my personal life as well as the goals I set for myself as a student. I cannot rely on other people to hand me a life to succeed in. I have to remind myself that all the dreaded mornings, and long, endless nights of studying will pay off for me. I am responsible for working towards a positive future and no matter what there is always something I can do to make it a little bit better.

I cannot get discouraged by the outcomes of the choices that I make because if I am in control of myself, and everything that I do, say, and feel I am the only one who has the ability to change MY thoughts, feelings and actions. In my opinion to accomplish personal responsibility, you have to let go of everything that holds you back and only focus on what is going to benefit you in the future and make you that successful person that you are working so hard to become. The sooner I can accept my faults and weaknesses only to turn them into strengths, I can be on the path I set for myself to become the person that I know have been put on this earth to be. I will do whatever it takes to better myself for the future and nothing is going to stop me.

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