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Introduction of TOPIC

The article that I read about addresses a lot of information about violence in the work place, a lot of information that I was unaware about. Many people are not aware of the violence that can occur in the work place when they get up in the morning and get ready to go to work. Although there are many ways to prevent violence in the work place, when it does happen it can take a toll on anyone involved. There are many reasons work place violence can occur, and each type of violence takes a different approach. However the key thing this article discussed was prevention and working on solutions of work place violence. Work place violence can occur between coworkers or it can also occur between an employee and a patient, depending on the situation. There are many forms of bullying that can happen in the work place that can trigger violence to occur. If a coworker is bullying another coworker for weeks about how bad of a job they think they are doing, it could trigger them into violence (Gilmore-Hall, 2001).

If there are poten

tially violent patients and there are not enough staff on duty or not properly trained staff on duty

to deal with that patient, then things could get violent. Several things can be done to help prevent work place violence, and to help work on the solutions of violence in the work place. Make sure your staff is always alert of potential danger and violet behavior that could occur at any time, and are always ready to report it if needed. It is important that everyone on the staff know all of the patients, and know all of their physical and physiological factors in case someone becomes aggressive (Gilmore-Hall, 2001). All employees should be supportive to one another, and always report incidents of violence. If an employee ever goes through work place violence they may need time to cope, or may need to talk with a counselor. When an employee goes through work place violence most often times they deal with posttraumatic stress (Gilmore-Hall, 2001).

When an employee’s health is suffering this means that they won’t be performing well at work. Work place violence does affect everyone, that’s why it is extremely important that all employees know work place violence is not tolerated. All employees should feel safe coming to a supervisor and reporting any type of work place violence. Making a work place safe is the responsibility of everyone, and it should stay that way. If you ever experience work place violence the most important thing you need to do is report the incident right away. Once you have reported the act of violence, you need to take care of your health and get yourself back normal. You are not the only one that will be suffering from this act of work place violence, so if you need to talk to others there will be someone there.

Gilmore-Hall, A. (2001, July). Violence in the Workplace: Are you Prepared? American Journal of Nursing, 101(7), 55-56.

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