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Julius Caesar Leader Essay Sample

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Julius Caesar Leader Essay Sample

In the play Julius Caesar by Will Shakespeare, Cassius and Antony were shown as two different leaders in the way of their skills in persuasion, whether they were easily swayed, and how trustworthy they were; though they both have faults, Antony is the superior of the two. Antony uses his persuasion skills very well throughout Act III scene II: “When the poor have cried, Caesar hath wept;/ Ambition should be made of sterner stuff./ Yet Brutus says he was ambitious;/ And Brutus is an honorable man/… I speak not to disprove what Brutus spoke,/ But here I am to speak of what I know.” (III, II, 97-107) In this quote is Antony speaking to the common rabble. Antony continually uses the phrase “Yet Brutus is an honorable man”.

In this he is saying that Casear was accused and showing the people how they were wrong to think Brutus as honorable. In the end he persuades the people to revolt against the conpirators. Cassius on the other hand tries to get Brutus to agree with him on several occasions but gets turned down every time. “Cassius: Let Antony and Caesar fall together. Brutus: Our course will seem too bloody, Caius Cassius,/ To cut the head then hack the limbs,/… Let us be sacrificers not butcherers, Caius.” (Act II, I, 173-179) Cassius tries to convince Brutus to kill Antony along with Caesar because he is afraid Antony would turn the crowds against them, unfortunatly Brutus ignores him and Antony does exactly that.

When looking at how easily they are persuaded both are hard to convince but Antony is the stronger of the two. This is shown in Act III: “Antony: Pardon me Cauis Cassius./ The enemies of Caesar shall say this:/ Then, in a friend, it is cold modesty./ Cassius: I blame you not for praising Caesar so;/ But what compct mean do you have with us.” (Act III, I, 229-244) During this scene Brutus tries to convice Antony that their deeds were just, although Cassius is still skeptical about Antony, he still listens to Brutus’ advice.

Trustworthyness should be a strong trait in any leader, Cassius is very trustworthy to Brutus but Antony goes against his word to the point of starting a civil war. Cassius throughout the play shows that he can be trusted. “Yet I fear him;/ For in the ingrafted love he bears to Caesar” (Act II, I, 203-204) This quote shows that even though Cassius is afraid of Antony, he still listens to Brutus and does nothing to harm Antony. Antony breaks his word in Act III. In scene I Antony promises he will not speak againt Brutus “Thats all I seek:/ And am more over suiter that I may produce his body in the market place/ And in the pulpit, as becomes afriend/ Speak in the order of his funeral” (Act III, I, 246-250) All Antony wants is to “speak” at his funeral, while reallt he plans to turn the crowd against the conspirators.

Through their persuasive skills, how easily they are swayed, and their trustworthyness; these two have shown exceptional traits of a leader. In the end Cassius shows that he is a great leader and a friend, yet Antony has the upper hand.

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