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Justice and Social Equity Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

In order to bring about balance system of government, where all citizens will enjoy equal rights and opportunities, society must aspire to ensure that the civil and human rights of all individuals be protected and preserved regardless of cultural, social and demographic orientation of persons (Justice as a Virtue). In this light, the role of individual citizens, law makers, as well as, public administrators have been underscored aimed at providing a redress to injustices and inequalities that exist and may arise in social relationships of persons (Frederickson, 2005). The concept of justice and social equity are both ethical theories aimed at bridging the gap of inequalities in the just society (nancy-carre.blogspot.com/ -International Paradigms, February 24, 2012). The Concept of Justice is one principle which suggests that people should care about each other and because of this benevolence, should not behave toward others in a manner as to cause them harm. In the same light, social equity is an ethical theory that seeks to achieve equitable outcomes for all people. This concept believes that members of a society must have the same basic rights, opportunities, security, social benefits and as such, legislations that will promote the social functioning of the individual and protecting the human rights of people be enacted.

It addresses the issue of fairness in our social construct by achieving a fair outcome for all people. In protecting the fundamental rights of citizens, social equity is embodied with set of standards which serves as a benchmark for all persons or groups in their personal and social relationship with others (nancy-carre.blogspot.com/ -International Paradigms, February 24, 2012). In government, social equity promotes the just and fair distribution and equitable management of state resources and institutions. Government policies are implemented such that all individuals are treated fairly and equally across the social construct. Also and within this context, the United Nation over the years continue to adapt prudent liberal measures in employing its local and international staff with specific adherence to encouraging women to seek advertised vacancies.

Most advertisements tend to encourage women to apply as a way of sticking a balance of women in terms of jobs opportunity, thus an example of equality measure (Job Vacancies in United Nations and International Organizations). On the other hand, many African economies have adopted the Free and Compulsory Universal Basic Education (FCUBE) program to enable the less privile

ged and all school going children to exercise their right to basic education. Since governments take

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full responsibility of tuition and feeding (in some cases), even the less privileged child has got the opportunity to go to school. This scheme is a fulfillment of the principle of social equity on part of government (FCUBE programme). Examples of Threats to Justice and Social Equity

As the human race has individual differences in characteristics and social orientations, there is always a certainty that inequality may arise. This has generated several threats to justice and social equity in the just society that we seek. One such threat is the financial recession that has caused several democracies to implement austerity measures in order to keep their economies stable and aloft. This has affected employment with many people affected by redundancy. Consequently, the rights of people to employment, hence an income are curtailed while others elsewhere not affect by the austerity actions continue to enjoy their rights. In lieu of this, some individuals are being economically deprived (Economic Crisis in Europe).

Another threat to justice and social equity is the direct discrimination of minorities with their sexual orientations. In many instances society has failed to provide recognition for the basic right and dignity of persons with same sex orientation. The rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people are still not accepted in many societies and, as such, are discriminated against in expression of their freedom of association. Legislations aimed at addressing this inequality have hit the rock in many countries (Sexual Minority).

Relationship between Justice and Social Equity
Social equity and justice are sometimes considered relative by many philosophers. In as much as there is interdependency in human existence, both social equity and justice have sought to ensure that the fundamental human rights of people are not overstepped. Since the existence of man, much improvement has been aimed improving equality in every human engagement ranging from; the dignity of a person, employment opportunities, to passing appropriate legislations that would address the inequalities issues. To fully achieve the social obligation of an equal and balance society, both concepts must fully exist as there cannot be a social equity where justice is grossly infringed.

Accordingly, in an open democratic society the theory of distributive justice that would enable every citizen to have access to essential resources in an equitable manner must be exercised to the maximum and, therefore, the concept of justice as a virtue of benevolence, good will and care must complement the actualization of social equity. In this way, inequalities in employment opportunity, wealth, privilege and access to resources which usually bring about imbalance in social construct could be addressed (nancy-carre.blogspot.com/ -International Paradigms, February 24, 2012). Moreover, to ensure social justice in a just society, equality must transcent equality through job and increase in income to acknowledging the rights, human dignity and the social and economic empowerment of all individuals. It is, therefore, this set of standards that both ethical theories of justice and social equity work together to achieve. In this respect, one seems meaningless in the absence of the other (Working out of Poverty, Report of the ILO Director-General, 2003).


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