Justice: Is It a Higher Level of Moral Thinking? Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Justice is about balance. Nowadays people always think that justice is law; some high moral person even think justice is about forgiveness. They use so many words to prove their point. If you think about it, you will know their point is full of paradoxes. If people learn about psychology, you must know reinforcement. Forgiveness is just reinforcing the Criminals to do it again. Law is just a system to control. Justice is much more complicated and cannot be define with few words. Justice provide the right and the responsibility at the same time, It separate us from animal that it give us the power to judge about right and wrong. Justice is a higher order of Vengeance. By the action, you cannot separate the different between vengeance and justice.

The different between this two thing can only tell by the motivation. Vengeance is all about making people feel better, but justice is much more than that. Criminals need to pay for what they have done. This world is all about action and reaction, nobody can take without pay. That why death penalty is a must to maintain justice. Nothing can pay to take a life but another life. This world can only be function when everything

is in balance. It is same to our society because if everyone take whatever they want without price,

soon there will be nothing left. It will be the end of a society. As you can see, vengeance and justice is also talking about taking back the price that people supposed to pay, but vengeance is just an action, but justice is an ideal, a faith.

Justice. Crime cannot be tolerated. Criminals thrive on the indulgence of society’s understanding. Forgiveness is just an excuse to give up justice. Forgiveness will reinforce the criminals to commit crime again and again. It will just break the balance of society. Justice is something that deserves to stand up for even the cost is your life. Every time people shrink back, more thing people will lose. Justice cannot accept exceptional, crime is like a single spark which can start a prairie fire. When people want to bring justice, the line between right and wrong become vague. In my second paragraph I already mention that on the surface, there are no different between vengeance and justice. People need to have faith to separate justice and criminals (vengeance is a crime). People need to understand justice is more than making themselves feels better, but to create a better society.

That is the reason why I say justice is a higher level of moral thinking. It is not only about one man desire any more, it is about a person consider about to create a better world which is for everyone but not himself/herself. The people who seek for justice they are no longer an ordinary people, because normal people always thinking about their own benefit first. There are so many crimes happening every second in the world. Most of the people don’t believe in justice any more, but faith is the most important, it is the only thing which can define you. Justice is not about action, it is about what you believe inside you. It is about creating a better world by ideal. I believe in one day, everyone will understand the true justice and the world will become better then ever.

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