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Education is the beginning of success. Starting this January, the Easy to be Green Company will be introducing an intensive Employee Educational Program to improve employees’ communication skills on scientific concepts of the company’s product and service. Furthermore, We will be offering quality paid training programs with an increase in the company’s tuition reimbursements from $3000 to $5000 annually. Educational Framework Due to the tight local job market, and the need by

job market, and the need by managers to hold on to their employees, we came up with the following educational reform plan starting from January. This includes:

•Basic, intermediate, and advanced courses in reading comprehension, writing, and math will be offered based on managerial evaluation in the next few months. • Employees can choose to take a course even without managerial recommendation. • All courses will be offered during working hours.

•Employees will be paid for the time they spend in class, but homework and studying must be done on employees’ own time. •There will be Books provision by the company. •A good course performance will positively affect employees’ quarterly performance reviews and annual salary reviews.

Reimbursement Tuition Program Eligibility

We encourage employees who are beyond these basic courses though need help falling in with the scientific developments related to their work, to take courses at local universities, using the company’s modified tuition reimbursement program which includes:

•Increase in tuition reimbursement from $3000 to a maximum of $5000 from January. •All full-time employees are eligible for this reimbursement program. •Upon managerial authorization employees, can take off a half day, with pay, on the days their courses clash. •Employees must have at least a B in the course in order to enjoy this program.

Your active participation will go a long way to improve the innovative nature and communication of the scientific concepts of the company’s products and services. Contact the human resource at 301332551x for more information.

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