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Juvenile Justice Essay Sample

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Juvenile Justice Essay Sample

1. Dispositions (4)
•home on probation
•group home
•country rancher camp
ocongregate institutional treatment-correctional-run by local probation 2. Juvenile Correctional Institutions Key terms
•impression management-no fear in eyes, maintain presence •Social Hierarchy^
•Ward Subculture-
•Custodial Facility-
•Custodial Staff-
•Treatment staff-
•Special Population-
•Parole Board-

3. Components of a Youth Training School
•Living Space
•Security and Safety
•Health Care
•Mental Health Treatment
•Vocational Training

4. Ward Hierarchy
•Shot Callers
•Gang Members
•Gang Affiliates

5. Disciplinary Practices
•Mechanical Restraints-shackling
•Loss of Privileges
•Time Extension

6. Realities of Training School Life
•Limited Rehabilitation Resources
•Poor Quality Services
•Custodial Orientation
•High Rates of Violence/Gang Subculture
•Antagonism Between Staff and Youth
•Isolation from youths family and community

7. Future of Training School System

•Focus limited resources on the highest risk youths
•Resources applied to low-risk cases will have small effect and is not cost-effective •Programs that take a therapeutic approach to changing behavior by focusing on constructive personal development yield the best results. 1. Goals o an effective Juvenile Justice Intervention

2. Principles of Positive Youth Development
•Strives to enhance individual and community capacities
•Youths exercise meaningful decision making over their programs •Strives to eliminate racial/ethnic, gender, disability, sexual orientation and class barriers to treatment •Emphasis is placed on building ties to community-based organizations 3. PYD through a model Juvenile Justice System of Care

•Community Based Programming
•Coordinated Continuum of Care
•Unconditional Care
•Individualized programming
•Felxibl funding
•Aftercare and follow-up

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