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Wondering what is going to happen with my life at this point. For a few years now I have been involved with the wrong crowds and keep getting in trouble for different crimes. I love my mom very much and we are very close but even she has attempted to always teach me right from wrong, even if it involves reporting me to the police. I can’t and don’t blame her for doing that, but I just feel kind of lost at this point in my life. I have dropped out of school against my mother’s wishes. My father isn’t around, so his opinion doesn’t matter. Mom works two jobs to provide for her and I, while I go out and cause trouble. I was recently arrested for possession of a concealed weapon, which I pled guilty to. When they arrested me I was taken to the police station for the booking process. They took my fingerprints, entered all my information into the system and told me exactly what charges were being filed against me. A couple days later I went in court where they again told me what I was being charged with.

At that point I asked for a public defender to help represent me, since neither my mom nor I had the money for a private attorney. I have pled guilty to the crime of possession of a concealed weapon, and am now waiting to see what recommendations will be given as to my punishment. My next court date will be my arraignment hearing where I am sentenced based on the recommendations of my probation officer, and the Juvenile District Attorneys opinion based off my previous juvenile record. I am currently not in jail, but must be at every court date or I take the risk of being punished with the maximum sentence. I don’t know for sure what’s going to happen yet, I only know what I could be looking at. This is not my first run in with the police which will have an effect on my punishment for this crime. Because I’m 17, I could be punished as an adult for possessing the concealed weapon, in addition to being a known gang member. Here in California, possessing a concealed weapon can result in several different punishments, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Violating California’s Penal Code 12025; carrying a concealed weapon means a person is guilty if they conceal the weapon within a vehicle they are in or on their own body. Possible punishments could involve probation, up to one year in a county jail, and or up to a $1000 fine (Shouselaw.com, 2013). This may or may not be what I receive due to my previous criminal background and my gang member status. I really hope they give me the least sentence possible but maybe make me go to some counseling or something. My head obviously isn’t right. Even though I love my mom and she is all I got, I still keep messing up and disappointing her which isn’t what I want to continue to do. I would really like to at least be able to get my general equivalency diploma for high school to make her proud of at least one thing I accomplish. Especially since she works so hard for her and I with both jobs she has.

Recommendation to Judge for Non-violent Offense

On behalf of the California Department of Probation and Rehabilitation, In the Xander L. case it is recommended due to the previous juvenile criminal acts and his current status as a known gang member and high school dropout, that he do six months in a state juvenile detention center. Upon release, court ordered minimum of six months family and individual counseling at least two days a week, with a probation period of three years with a special stipulation of any violations involving drugs, weapons, or violent offenses would automatically carry a flat sentence of one year in county jail (could be adult county jail depending on his age when he violates). Due to his prior violent offenses including, purse snatching, breaking and entering and drug possession, his current charge is an escalation of these priors which does tend to suggest that he isn’t benefitting from prior attempts of rehabilitation, and is continuing to progressively get more violent with his crimes. For those reasons it is the heavily suggested that the above sentence be carefully considered and while serving the six months allow him to work towards his general equivalency diploma, as he wishes to do to make his mother proud.


Shouselaw.com (2013). SHOUSE LAW GROUP. Carrying a Concealed Weapon in a Vehicle or on Your Person. California Penal Code 12025 PC. Retrieved May 5th, 2013; http://www.shouselaw.com/12025.html

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