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Sometimes, the physical appearance of people are the first things that can be seen. However, when you meet somebody you should not judge them by his or her looks, because at times appearance can be deceiving. I have come to learn that people beauty can be only a mask for covering their real faces and their real characters. It all started when I met this handsome, nice and intelligent -looking boy on august 23, 2010. His name is kelvin. He is from a family of five. We had a great time. .He was my next door neighbor brother. He called regularly. He was nice and kind. We went to the movies together with some of his friends. We when at the mall together and we went at parties together. We were dating for 3 years, and he was very passionate and affectionate. After sometimes, he began to show his true colors by cheating and abusing me in public places. Drinking and smoking also became his new habits. On June 23, 2013, I went to his house. To my surprise I saw him and my best friend in bed. When I confronted him about it, he started insulting and he threw me out of the house.

He didn’t come to my house to apologies for what he did but rather continue his relationship with other girls and keep on deceiving them with his good look and his first impression. We broke up on July 26, 2013. He made me to see the truth in the saying that ‘not all that glitters is gold’. He made me to see that physical beauty does not always represent one’s level of morality and values. I also learned from the experience with him that “the eyes lied’ – that is, we should not judge an individual appearance to predetermine our relationship with them. We sometimes tend to shut some people out of our lives, if his or her physical appearance is not to our liking. Appearance can be deceiving; so we should never trust our first impression, nor should we use our mind to determine the beauty of a person but we should judge all individuals by the contents of their characters. This is the ideology that Dr. Martin Luther King preached all his life and it makes great sense to me.

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