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Today most popular issue is problem of national language in Kazakhstan. The Kazakh language is the native language of the Kazakh people. Kazakh is the state language of the Republic of Kazakhstan. However, the issue of implementing and developing the state language in Kazakhstan to this day has not been fully resolved. This is most likely an issue of time. While some research has focused only on the description of problem, other work has sought to show how to solve and find possible solution of this problem. Kabdrakhmanov(2002) said that despite all positive changes in Kazakhstan, in many spheres of our society’s daily activity Kazakh remains merely a language of translation. Erimbetov (2011) provides that the problem of development and implementation of Kazakh in the Kazakh SSR was largely determined by the political system of the Soviet Union.

He also agued that with each passing year, Kazakh’s sphere of application diminished and the main reason is the political system of Soviet Union. But according to Kabdrakhmanov’s words the problem of development of Kazakh in Kazakhstan is mixed-schools. He said that a school has more than half of its classes with Russian as the language of study, and less than half with Kazakh as the language of study. Hence, the influence of the Russian language manifests itself. Other researches show how to solve this problem and which way will be more productive. According to the research in 2012 Kazakh people suggest to open free language centers, which will help people improve their language skills. Shulakova (2012) suggest that more and more people should enroll their children in Kazakh children’s preschool establishments and schools.

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