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Introduction: Good morning, I am TSgt Schmitz and today I will be talking about a tough love message to airmen. According to Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James Cody, the message is simple, “If you’re a screwup, you’re on your way out!” With this message I will be talking about force reduction, is this a one and done Air Force, and how this message should hit home.

First, let’s start with force reduction in the Air Force.

– Force Reduction
— He has traveled to numerous bases in regards to force reduction and cuts in our active duty force. — The Air Force has trimmed more than 3,300 active-duty airmen in 2013. — In a quote from Chief Cody he stated, “I’m going to fight to keep every airman in the Air Force who’s done everything we’ve asked of them to do before I put one foot forward to fight for an airman who has clearly done things against the law—has clearly done things that are not consistent with serving in our Air Force in an honorable way.” — He has also stated that if there is a cutoff, airmen who get a DUI will be below the line — Case in point: if you are convicted of drunk driving, you are one and done, he said.

Which leads me to my next point, are we turning into a one and done Air Force.

– One and done Air Force
— How many people think this is a one strike Air Force?
— In an article in the Air Force Times, CMSgt Cody said, “I have no problem looking every airman in the eye and saying, ‘Yea, this is probably a one-crime Air Force.’” — Everyone makes mistakes; human errors and accidents happen. — DUI’s, Underage drinking, and doing drugs are CRIMES. — LoR’s, failed pt tests, mark downs on your EPR’s

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