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On the month of December 2012, an incident took place in a subway station of New York City. A homeless man named Naeem Davis and a man named Ki-Suk Han’s took on a horrible event. Naeem Davis, the homeless man who self-medicated his bipolar disorder with marijuana seemed, to have a problem with Ki-Suk Han at the time of the event. However, he was not the only one who was not being himself. Ki-Suk Han drank a few bottles and happened to be drunk at the time of the incident when he was killed. At the site of the murder, there were many eye witnesses who saw the murder of Ki-Suk Han, but in reality who was responsible? Was it Naeem Davis, the man who actually pushed Ki-Suk Han? Was it Ki-Suk Han himself who was responsible for his own death for his irresponsible choice of drinking beyond sobriety? Or was it Umar Abassi, the freelance photographer who was capturing this incident with his camera with no intention of helping the man after he was thrown onto the tracks? Can we even go to the extent of saying that the people at the station, at the time of the incident, were responsible? Whatever the case is, someone must be held responsible for the untimely death of this man and in this case it seems that the bulk of the blame must be directed at the people present in the station at the time.

It is almost impossible to put the blame solely on Naeem Davis, a man who suffers from a bipolar disorder. What about those people around who seemed to be aware of the situation? These people do not have the same apparent excuse that Mr. Davis has. Months after a famous photo and video footage was released of a New York police officer offering a homeless man a pair of new boots on the street, something as tragic as this happens. Where were the good samaritans then? New Yorkers were praised for months over this situation, but what now? In the footage of the incident, it is very clear that the people within the station had more than enough time to save the man from his death, including Umar Abassi. How can a man just stand there and film such a tragic event without actually doing anything? If anyone was very aware of the situation, it was him. As a citizen, we have a duty to protect not only ourselves, but people around us. Yes, we live in a country in which we like to claim and boast about our individuality and our ability to fend for ourselves, but how far does that go? Do we not feel any sympathy for those around us that are in need? This incident could have been avoided if only a few good citizens, and I would go to the extent of saying a few good people in general, would have taken action.

In our country, we would like to think that people in general look out for all of our interests. That is why we seem to praise and put on a pedestal those who do seem to act in very unselfish ways. How can we not blame these people, even if it is not wholly, but at least for the majority of the death of Ki-Suk Han. It is apparent that there was a lot of time for these citizens of humanity to save this man, yet they seemed to be able to live with just standing and watching this man reach the end of his life. This might be an isolated incident, but can we just brush it off as if it were not a big deal? This leaves us a lot to think of, especially about where we are going with our self-interested mentality.


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