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Kill and Island Essay Sample

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Kill and Island Essay Sample

As the small lifeboat is drifting through the sea, the children on board are slowly leaving behind the happy and peaceful life of England and heading towards the hard and cruel challenge to survive. Their thoughts are slowly changing. Happy memories are turning to thoughts of hunting and murder and their tastes for music and games are slipping away. Their rations are limited and already, the look in their eyes is slowly turning from gentle to bloodlust. This band of 15 children was thrust upon this deserted island. They are no more than 12 or 13 years old and most are much younger than that.

There are approximately 8 boys and 7 girls, most are shaken by the sinking of the ship. This is a change to them. They all come from calm lives and now are stuck on this chaotic island, where their minds will slowly deteriorate and the sound of laughter in the playground will be replaced by bloodlust and a thirst for hunting. They are all unfamiliar with each other. They must find a way to establish rules and government so they can maintain order. But the thoughts of these children are currently wrapped around hunting and survival. They are all strong, brought up on farms and not shy of hard work. Food and Shelter will not be an issue, but their sanity is a huge matter. They must find a way to replicate the gentle government that they came from, or they will go insane, and die on this island. Day 7

These children have now established a good communication and have managed to find food and shelter. A leader has emerged from the group and they are hoping that they will eventually get rescued. This leader symbolises their hope of getting rescued and they need this if they are to remain sane on this island. When the leader came he had a bell. This bell is a symbol of the civilised existence in which is no longer within their grasp. The bell has done well to drive out savagery, no matter where it may lurk within the hearts of these children. But already, traces of savagery have started to emerge from members of this delicate government. Democracy has been established, but unless this savagery is dealt with, it will soon turn into a dictatorship.

The small children are seeing strange spectral shapes and are frightened that there may be a predator. Little do they know that this predator is their inner thoughts, slowly coming out as the boys’ way of life is changing from the civilised world they once knew to the savagery and helplessness of their situation. The only way to push it back, is to participate in this democracy and remember the life they lived back home. This leader has already created a working community and has ensured that no one will starve to death. Already, roles have been created such as a scholar a watcher and the person who signals. Shelters have been built and food split up. The leader is the calm and gentle character that will hold this small group of survivors together. However, there is nearly no hope for them to be rescued as this island is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I fear for their sanity. Day 50

This group is starting to disintegrate, as the horrors of the island start to grasp their sanity. People are starting to go tribal, as they leave behind their civilised and playful thoughts, replacing them with the thoughts of food and dominance. Already, the leader is slowly losing his power as they try to control this pack of teenagers, as the thoughts of home are replaced by bloodlust and murder. All the girls are huddled in their shelters, shaking with fear and so are half of the boys. This island is a hell towards these innocent children, and is slowly eating at their minds, there pathway to savagery is almost complete. The children are covering themselves with paint and as they do, their personalities are left behind, leaving them with nothing but bloodlust and savagery. The paint is a mask that shuts off their civilised behaviours. The children are dealing with their fears in the wrong way, using violence and hunting instead of civilised methods and reasoning. The beast is not something they can hunt, it is within them, and can be only driven out by order. Already, a group of students have covered themselves in paint and deserted the group.

They carry spears and knives and are desperate to kill this mysterious beast. But the beast is not a motive, it is an excuse to hunt and kill. It is not something they tell others, it is something they tell themselves. 3 children have died, swallowed by the horrors of this island. The first boy was speared by a wild boar that he was hunting. His body was ripped apart and used for food; his bones have been used for weapons. The second boy was murdered, pushed off a cliff and then thrown into the sea while his blood was used for face paint. His head is on a stake in the middle of the camp and every day, more people come and stare at it with bloodlust and murderous intention. The third boy committed suicide after he went crazy. He killed the second boy and hung his head on the stake, laughing psychotically before burning himself at the signal fire that for so long represented the hope for rescue. No-one cared, and the body was stripped of bones and meat, before being speared multiple times and thrown into the ocean. These children are going crazy. I fear for them as the carefully organised democracy is slowly descending into anarchy. Day 250

This group has completely disintegrated. 5 hunters remain 3boys and 2 girls. All have been driven beyond the brink of insanity, their minds have been plagued by hallucinations. They are no longer children, they are savages and murders. Their weapons are made of the bones of their peers and their face-paint is of the blood of the people they have killed. Even if help came, these savages would probably try to kill the crew and burn the ship such is the extent of their madness. The leader is dead, ambushed by some rebels and strangled. Somewhere in the woods, his body is deteriorating, Slowly returning to the nature. When he died, so did the carefully planned democracy, and all went into chaos. These children do not dream about going home. They dream about prey and murder. Long are gone the happy children who played in the playground each day. They are now nothing more than empty bags covering millions of sins.

They never overcame the monster, they became it. They have allowed this island to devour their thoughts. 10 are dead. 7 were murdered by these final survivors. A few died quickly. Many died a slow and painful death. 3 were speared through the back. One was poisoned with snake venom. 2 were suffocated and one was strangled. Their bodies were eaten and their heads are trophies, stuck in the ground in front of the dwellings of the hunters. Their bones lie scattered among their dwellings as they munch on their food and laugh psychotically. The world they know is no longer scattered through their thoughts. The way they kill things has become very savage, they no longer care for the pain of others. They could have believed in law and order. They could have fought the island’s influences and fought it well. But they chose anarchy. They chose to let the island devour their every thought until there is nothing left. For that, they will perish, alone and insane, on this island of sins.

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