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Korean Drama, who don’t know about it? Korean Fever is infecting the world. Korean dramas are very popular with good story, fun, and always make us curious. It could make the people who enjoyed drama infatuated with Korean Drama and can not wait to watch the sequel. Some people even become Korean addicted, they may watch Korean Dramas they like for many times without ever getting bored. Many of Korean Dramas have become popular throughout Asia and have contributed to the phenomenon of the Korean wave, known as “Hallyu”. Most popular Korean Dramas have also become popular in other parts of the world. When watching Korean Dramas, we get something different. The warm water was rushing flooded our cheeks. The excess korean dramas, capable of stirring emotions the audience. There are several excess that make Korean Dramas are very popular and interesting like story, characters with depth, setting places and soundtrack.

First, story of Korean Drama has best storyline and the story is not monotouns like other dramas from other country. Intrigues that exist in each drama that makes the audience always want to watch and wait for the continuation of the episode. So the story makes the audience curious. The stories always new and different for each drama. Korean Dramas also never show similarities with the story of another drama. They have different flow and characteristic. In Korean drama always tell real events and people’s daily activities so that the Korean culture to be the most sought and want to learn by all people around the world. Second, actress or actors always through casting to determine which suits her character. So the artists can explore their respective roles. Therefore, the audience will be able to assume that role is played by an actress like reality. They behave as real characters, without any contrived impression.

In Korean Drama also played with handsome, beautiful and popular artist, it purpose for increase the rating and make the artist become more popular. Third, the directors are able to choose the places which match with the story. Places which used shooting location are beautiful and historical place. It is one trick to attract the tourist come to Korea. It become one way to introduce Korea indirectly. Government also participated promote the entertainment industry in Korea with help publicize dramas that aired. Fourth,every drama has different soundtrack. Korean Drama well known with good soundtrack.

Soundtack always matched with every scene. If happy scene, the song will be happy and chherful. But if sad scene, the song will be sad and has a deep meaning. The soundtrack also give a big influence into every scene so the scene looks fit the mood of the actor with a soundtrack. In conclusion, with several excess has been mentioned it, we can learn from Korean Drama especially for young director who want make a good film or drama. But do not plagiarism the story. Beside that, with watching Korean Drama also can make the teenagers learn many things and become creative. As long as they can be a wise people and didn’t forget about their country’s culture.

Note :
Thesis Statement: There are several excess that make Korean Dramas are very popular and interesting like story, characters with depth, setting places and soundtrack.

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