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Task Statement(copy/paste all task statements here) Knowledge(cognitive skill) Skill(learned) Ability(competence) 1 Answer incoming calls using a multi-line switchboard and forward to the correct employee. Knowledge of a multi-line phone system One year experience of being a Receptionist Able to answer phones professionally 2 File staff records using system database in order to comply with company maintenance requirements Knowledge of file maintenance One year experience file clerk Able to accurately maintain files 3 Prepare various documents using MS applications ass needed Knowledge of MS application i.e. Word, excel, outlook, PP and Messenger Two year experience with each application

Able to type 30 wpm 4 Greet various visitors and staff as they enter reception area to ensure quality customer service Verbal and Attention skills Three years experience as receptionist Able to welcome with a courteous personality 5 Maintain visitor log using date-book to advise appropriate party of their arrival and departure. Good written skills with attention to detail Three years experience as front desk clerk Able to pay attention to detail 6 Monitor staff time and Payroll items including processing HR forms to ensure accurate time keeping. HR payroll process Accurate data entry skills (numeric and alpha-numeric) Able to accurately input figures

KSA Statements
1 Must have one year of Receptionist experience, knowledge of a multi-line phone system and able to answer phones professionally. 2 Must have one year of File clerk experience using online database to file records 3 Must have two years experience using MS word, excel, PP, outlook and Messenger, must be able to type 30 wmp at minimum 4 Must have three years of Receptionist experience, with good verbal skills in order to greet with a courteous personality 5 Must have three years front desk experience, good written skill with special attention to details 6 Must have previous HR experience, payroll department preferred. Data entry skills with ability to accurately input numeric and alpha numeric figures.

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