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Kudler Fine Foods is a fast growing industry in the upscale food industry. When this company opened up back in 1998 they chose to design their database using Microsoft Access. In the design on this database they track their inventory and sales by using different queries. Since most of the items Kudler’s sales are perishable items inventory tracking is very important for this company. Looking at these tables from an accounting view these tables are great, as well as some improvements that can be done for this company’s database. A pivot table is a quick way to look up information and sort through data that is important to a company. When Kudler’s had this database set up it was for Kudler to be able to inventory count on hand and when inventory needed to be ordered again. It also made it capable for Kudler to accept internet orders. When you look at the data tables you can see that it sorts the information into departments, financial codes, items and then sums the total amount of transactions. Kudler’s database also keeps track of customers, tenders, tax tables, store information, items, and suppliers. All this information is important to keep Kudler competitive in the upscale food industry.

This is important from the accounting end of the database. Since information is sorted by departments it allows the accountant to know which department is doing best and which one may need improvement or be dropped completely from the company. A tax table is essential for accounting information. It allows for different tax rates to be applied correctly to orders so the correct amount is being paid in. Kudler would benefit by setting up a table that tracks customer information on products they buy. This would allow for faster shopper for frequent return customers to Kudler’s database. A pivot table is a quick easy way for Kudler to sort information. Kudler can select a product from the drop down menu which is sorted alphabetically and from the product they select it will give the sum of the amount of that product for each store that has been sold.

This is a quick way for Kudler to determine how much one product is making for each individual store. With Kudler having access to this pivot table it could allow them to stop carrying a product at the store if they turnaround is not very good for them. It could also let them know that they need to carry more of a product at that current location since it is selling so well. Kudler’s Fine Foods is a growing company and from an accounting point of view they have very valuable tables set up within the database. These tables allow for the accountant to pull information and be able to create financial statements for the company. It would be beneficial for Kudler to implement a table that tracks customer’s purchases for future reference. This will allow for frequent customers to be able to check out faster in the future. A pivot table is essential for Kudler. It will allow them to quickly look up information about a product and see the totals from each store.

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