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Kudler Fine Foods was established in 1988 with the purpose to providing customers to the finest foods available from all around the world. Kudler Fine Foods has an inventory system that allows it to keep track of all perishable items and tries to keep inventory limits so that there is no waste. This paper will address Kudler’s inventory system, accounting system and pivot tables.

Kudler Fine Foods has set up their system to allow each individual department to have access to the programs that will help improve the process of record keeping. Each department is able to track inventory and manage their given tasks by viewing current levels of inventory and future inventory requirements. The system is set up to where an employee can enter a code for each item that will identify it and place it in its own category. Accounting department can then track sales, payments and future purchases. This allows the company to better manage and budget for future sales.

Kudler Fine Foods has implemented a useful tool to track and manage inventory, Pivot Tables could be improved by having select items or high sales items in a category where employees will know which items are moving and which items should be discussed for possible elimination and therefore save money by not continuing to keep inventory that could be obsolete.

Pivot Tables could have a more manageable, easy access and viewing by all employees. Highlighting groups of inventory for select regions and or customers should improve in the decision making for the company. Highlighting inventory that is best suited for specific customers, Kudler employees will benefit when addressing issues with certain items and or promote the best selling items. As with any company, information can be overwhelming and Kudler Fine Foods has the same challenges, this must be addressed in improving pivot tables to allow easy access to relevant information for improved decision making.


Kudler Fine Foods has a great system and pivot tables will allow the company to be more successful in identifying the needs of the customers and allowing employees the access to much needed information when tracking inventory. Pivot tables will make inventory management easier for all employees.


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