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Summary (in your own words):
To sum up the article, It’s about nurses and physicians lacking communication between one another. If they lack communication, then it can involve any kind of injury or death. When the communication is lost, mothers and babies are at risk for harm. Most of the physicians said they are more comfortable with the older nurses. They can trust them more because they have more experience and the nurses know the physicians style of doing things. Most physicians say that when they get stuck with a new nurse, they think “Oh my God, I’m doomed for the day”. It says that most physicians don’t give the young nurses a chance to show them that they are really smart and can do good in the delivery room. So with the physicians being uncomfortable with their nurses, it makes for bad communication skills. The doctors getting frustrated at the nurse for not listening or not doing something right. Then that makes the nurse nervous and it makes everyone uncomfortable in the situation.

Your opinion of the article:
In my opinion, the article was very helpful in the sense that it shows how physicians actually think of their nurses. They like that they are older and have a lot of experience. It gave me a good outlook on how they expect the nurses to act and hold themselves. It also gave me a little insight about how important it is to have good communication with your doctor. It will prevent your patients from any harm and it will keep you and your doctor a job.

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