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Explain and briefly evaluate why some young males may adopt laddish behaviour? (30marks) Many young males may adopt to laddish behaviour mainly based on the environment they grew up in and the people around them, it could of overcome through secondary socialisation or self-fulfilling prophecy. Over all there are many institutions and agencies that trigger off this behaviour. One reason why some young males may adopt laddish behaviour may be because they picked it up during secondary socialisation and the sub culture where laddish behaviour mainly evolves from.

Within this agency they may be surrounded by other males who have this same behaviour such as peer groups, being with your peers constantly you seek influence through them and act in the same way as them. Unfortunately not all is positive some may develop this behaviour because they feel pressured to do so just to fit in. Within the home may be different, the dad being the dominant one and main role model in the household to young males they may look up to them and believe that the same laddish cultural behaviour is appreciated.

However not all households have a strong dominant male role model so most young males pick it up from their peers which some argue isn’t a always good influence. Another reason may be that that’s the norm within their sub culture in society how young males and males in general should behave because it seen more dominant on how they should act. It also may be seen as a more traditional way of doing things, the woman being the more affectionate and the male being more masculine. Within the sub-culture and especially within the household the division between the male and female roles would be seen clearly than other households.

Some people may view this behaviour as negative and a threat to society especially within certain institutions where you are wisely supposed to be emotionally intelligent and aware of your surroundings including how you should act. For example Education.

In school you are given a set of rules in which you must follow which enables you how to act and how you should express yourself within this agent, young males within this agent may use their laddish behaviour as and advantage and excuse to under achieve reasons being this could relate to self fulfilling prophecy or simple because their behaviour isn’t accepted in this agent of society. To conclude laddish behaviour may be seen in two different ways . Some may see it as a sub culture within society where they believe in that’s how the males are supposed to act and others see it as males behaving badly in a fowl and ignorant way.

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