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Introduction of TOPIC

Good Morning mrs Baltagi and fellow students, today I will be talking about Australian visions. Australian Visions” simply means Something which are seen or imagined in people’s minds to describe Australia as a unique country. The poet Douglas Stewart expresses Australian visions with his own experiences, thoughts and feeling through his poems. I will be analysing his poem ‘lady feeding the cats’ in both language and content fields.

The poem mainly talks about the interrelationship between humans and animals and how animals deserve to be treated in a good way because they are capable of giving back and not only taking.

The poem talks about a poor old lady who is willingly to feed outlaws cats and treat them like no other person did before to show her kindness and to feel the love that they give her back because the cats think that when she comes ,its the sweetest thing that ever happened to them and that is shown in the line ‘ but this is the sweetest moment that they know’.

The poet first gives us an impression that the lady is poor and old by using alliteration in the first line of the poem ‘shuffling along in her broken shoes from the slums’ the word shuffling refers to being old, then he refers to her as wearing broken shoes but that doesn’t give as a clear

idea about what he is talking about but when he says ‘slums’ it is clear to us that she

is in poverty. Also he uses a simile ‘like a pine in the rain’ to refer to her dress as old, worn-out and faded just like a pine tree , but slowly after introducing the cats into the poem, Douglas Stewart gives as another impression about the old lady when using the words ‘princes out of a tower’ to show us that the lady is like a princess to the cats even though she is poor, being a princess is not about being rich or wearing nice clothes but about the emotions in her heart and all the love that she gives to the cats. finally in the last line he calls her ‘queen of the cats’ and makes her much more powerful than the first impression that he gave us.

Some of the Australian values that Douglas Stewart tried to portray in this poem are volunteering, mate-ship and battler

As I mentioned earlier the old lady is poor, but she cares about the cats and feeds them all the time, Douglas Stewart states that she herself is unsteady and not so well fed but her love for the cats gives her strength and that can be seen when he says ‘she is trembling with power’. All that tells us that she doesn’t have to do all this but she is volunteering to feed the cats to get some love back and build a close connection with the cats and express the Australian value mate-ship. The last vision ‘battler’ can also be shown through this as the poet tells us that she is struggling to feed herself but still she fight so hard to feed the cats and keep the relationship between them.

So Douglas Stewart uses this poem to explore the Australian vision through the old lady’s feelings and behaviour and put a picture in our minds of how should people treat each other and other animals and to build friendships and fight to keep them.

In occlusion it is clear that Douglas Stewart communicates Australian visions to his audience through the content and language features, and he tries to give us his own experiences about Australian visions and try to persuade his audience to look at those visions and learn something from them.

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