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Choosing a career is important in our lives, because it determines our future direction, and it decides what our living conditions will be. A suitable career is the key of success. Most important of all, once we chose an occupation, it is a lifelong practice. Those are the reasons why we should consider carefully in choosing a career. For me, several important factors will affect my decision. The first factor is ‘interest’. If Kai-fu Lee, the famous computer science researcher, had chosen to major in law, which is not the subject that interests him the most, he would not have won several awards for his inventions on voice recognition system. It proves that ‘we love what we are good at, we are good at what we love’. Interests will affect our moods in doing our job, and you will barely get dull if you are interested in your job. Moreover, when you are interested in something, it probably is one of your gifts, so this career can bring your talents into full play. With the help of interest, we will devote ourselves to our work.

From this point of view, interest is definitely important. Another important affects me most is ‘creativity’. Nobody likes doing the work repetitively, especially when it is others’ achievements and your task is simply copying it without making changes. So choosing a career which can expand your outlook and show your creativity is important. In conclusion, choosing a career which can help people show their creativity is essential, not only it can be joyful, but also it provides a good opportunity for people to learn more. The last important factor I will consider is salary, which is realistic. I can barely imagine how the situation would be like if all my hard works can’t get me the wages I deserve. Here I personally consider fair-paid as the situation where somebody get money he deserves.

After all, money can buy products we need, money is a special way to measure our values and how much our work worth. All our lives, we are looking for ways to improve our living qualities, money can help us, and we can’t do things we want to do without money. All the factors listed above are the standard for me in choosing a career. If we divide our lives in several important parts, career must be in the list, choosing a career which fits us well will eventually show its functions. If life is a river, then a right career will be those stones which can make beautiful spray for the river, but an improper will be stones which can block the riv

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