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Law Enforcement Police Report Essay Sample

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Law Enforcement Police Report Essay Sample

Summary: On 04/20/2005 the above store was burglarized sometime during the late night the missing merchandize was that of a new Canon video camera: serial number C34966457. Also a new Sanyo DVD player: Serial number 13521EA and a new Fuji digital camera: Serial number 1-78891356. And the last item that was stolen was a used Cingular cell phone: Serial number 0105069873D. All stolen items valued at $1,450. At this current time there are no current suspects except we do have description of at least three foot prints left at the scene. There have been other recent burglaries where Daniel “Slink” Webb was the primary suspect. On April 20th 2005 approximately 10:05pm I Officer Jessica Bond and my partner officer Bethany was dispatched to investigate a silent alarm report at chubby electronics at 312 south main street. On my arrival to the scene I observed that the front of electronics store appeared to be secure. I soon discovered that the rear door of chubby electronics had appeared to have been by persons breaking the door glass. Three visible foot prints near the rear door area that to appear to have been made by athletic or tennis shoes of the suspects.

The shoe prints are of a man’s size 11-12 shoe. I photographed the outside of the scene and then continued into the store for further investigation. While investigating the inside of the store I found some electronic equipment missing from inventory. The store owner William “Chubby” Princeton reported a new Canon video camera, a new say no DVD player, a new Fuji digital camera and a used cell phone missing total loss was $1,450, my partner Bethany marked it as evidence. I also processed the door and area but found no prints. Myrtle Sykes of 305 South Main Street approached Officer Bethany in the parking lot of Cubby’s electronics and reported the following information to her. Myrtle Sykes states that she saw an older model yellow “sports style” car leaving the parking lot of Cubby’s at about 10:00 pm the night of the burglary she could not provide an exact description of the persons in the car other than they were both males. She didn’t think anything big of it since many teenagers tent to congregate in the parking lot on a regular basis after store closure. A statement was taken from William “Chubby” Princeton he states he closed the store at about 9pm and drove home after making his normal bank deposit at the first national bank.

Princeton indicated that earlier in the day two men were in the store inquiring about the Canon video camera. He described one man as being white in his early 20’s with brown hair and medium build he had a tattoo on his upper arm he was also referred to as “Slink”. The second man is described as being white in his later 30’s with red colored hair a full beard and thinly built both suspects were wearing blue jeans with the first man “Slink” in a blue sleeveless t- shirt and second man in a light green jacket. Princeton stated both the men left in an older model yellow ford mustang, which was estimated to be an early 1990’s model with California plates. It can be concluded that this burglary was done by Daniel “Slink” Webb.

Who is also is a prime suspect in recent burglaries he has a large red and blue Swastika tattoo on his upper right arm and Webb last known address is 454 Beach Street. He is known to assiotate with Johnny “Fingers” Moser and Leander Thompson aka Leander Jones. Moser and Thompson have connections with local pawn shop “The south Emporium. No suspects have been arrested at this time the investigation continues. 1.) I had to read the entire police report over several times I didn’t know where to really start at first. 2.) I felt the two statements between myrtle and William there was some non sense information with their report. 3.) I really don’t think they could misinterpret anything about it basically was straight forward 4.) Yes I would be willing to testify on this document.

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