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What do you usually think of when you come across the word “laziness”? According to the dictionary, the definition of “lazy” is: (adj.) disinclined to work, activity, or exertion; indolent; causing idleness or indolence; slow­moving or sluggish. An extension to the adjective word “lazy”, “laziness” (noun) becomes a characteristic trait. Laziness is not something that a diligent person has. Laziness is not something that will be useful if one wants to keep their job. Especially while the nation is in a crisis, the President of the United States cannot afford to have laziness. To be lazy, as in to relax, is okay sometimes, but to have laziness literally does nothing beneficial for our progress.

Laziness impedes development for anything. How much energy is required into having “laziness”? Zero. One thing to keep in mind about laziness, is that it is not the same as procrastination. Procrastinating means to simply put off important work by distracting oneself with other activities. Whereas having laziness means refusing to not work at all. “Laziness” also does not mean “stupidity”, because even the smartest people can feel lazy. Many of us can imagine Homer Simpson sleeping at just about everywhere; he sleeps on his job, on his couch, and on the hammock, and you never see him do any chores in the house; he is also frequently seen eating his scrumptious donuts or indulging himself in sleep.

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