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Leaders Behaviours Essay Sample

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Leaders Behaviours Essay Sample

            leadership is a process through which a person influences others to achieve different common goals.  The leader is the director and inspiration for action and should possess the combination of skills and personality that the rest want to be associated with and to follow.  The following qualities are necessary and essential for all leaders to successfully achieve their followers objectives.

Effective leadership.

            Effective leadership id the leaders ability to identify the requirements of the group and concisely implement them in a beneficial mode to all.  It involves careful balance between the short term and long term goals that makes them feel part of the decision making and implementation process (Reich 44).  In addition, it requires clear communication, sufficient participation and trustworthiness.  Effective leadership demands setting priorities with clear vision and mission.  Then, logical decision making and building ones strength is very essential.  This will involve professional considerations that will guide one in making the correct decisions.  Besides aiming for results as well as involving your followers for their participation will count greatly in effective leading and service delivery.  Effective consultations at all the stages in the leadership period acts as the litmus test for your success.  Representation and sufficient communication to the followers crowns the whole leadership process as feedback will be vital to asses the progress.

Leadership versus management.

            Leadership involves visionary setting of direction which inspires and guides the decisions to assist a leader achieve the different objectives.  Management on the other hand is directly charged to ensuring things happen according to the established plans and principles.  The leaders must be able to cope with change and to remain in focus for easier goals and objectives achievement.  Through new and modern adjustments, the leader should always portray inspiration role in guiding the followers to march forward.  Strategies must always be renewed to keep the followers on track and prevent them from forgetting the objectives of the whole process (Hilley, 39).

Diversity in leadership.

            Diversity involves the incorporation of different views and ideas from the different people and institutions to come up with comprehensive ideas and decisions that are able to be representative without any one feeling left out in the final decision.  The personal and group contributions need to be included in research and analysis.  Ample consultations and communication to the group members must be maintained alongside extrapolation of the different policies developed in line with the views they contributed.  It ensures that the follower members are not left in the dark and their morale remains high for progress.  Diversity in research for views collection, team effectiveness, team processes and temporal effects must be in line with representation and gender balance.  All the categories and classes of the groups and people must be on board for acceptable and inclusive results.

Leader follower relationship.

            The interaction between the leader and the follower is always very necessary with the leader acting as the guide in the follower’s quest for achievement of different goals.  The relationship must be guided with principles.  Where collaboration between the follower and the leader is strong there is greater understanding between the leader and the follower (Hilley, 39).  This relationship must be comprehended as it forms the link between them.   It affords the societies and leaders the chance to capitalize on the strength of the followers thereby increasing the potential success of all parties.  Through observation of the key components in the follower leader relationship, the follower can be able to develop the required indexes for the leader to clearly say that they in the correct path.

Culture of the Organization

            According to Reich (158), the culture of organization  is a key requirement for any leader to be considered successful at any participial moment.  It must be well developed with the leader insisting on the progressive differentiation of the sequential systematic achievement of different goals.  Professionally one must be up to date with the modern technology to assist him or her in the organization practices, analysis of different ideas as well as dissemination of the same data at the correct time and mode.  Small units and subheads are always effective for easier coordination and efficiency.  The groups can be able to get representatives who can then meet their leader for deliberation and communicate the feed back along side other media channels (Michael, 61).

Moral & Ethical Leadership.

            Finally, moral and ethical qualities are not just essential but key to sound leadership in all the contexts.  Molarity and ethics in leadership involves doing what is correct even when the opposite appears to be easier.  It entitles the application of the moral guidelines of the society and working within the correct legal framework that has been put in place (Michael 36).  It is evidenced by the far reaching decisions made by the readers that  may not need the consent of the followers.  Absence of morality in leadership can be disastrous with abuse of office based on illegitimate decision making and direct or indirect breaking of the laid down rules and legal framework.  Different leaders have had different characters and principles in their quest for power and even during their leadership tenure.

            The following comparison and contrasts shows the application of the above different qualities and principle by different leaders.  Effective leadership, leadership & management and moral & ethical qualities and principles are evident from the following leaders.  Sarah Palin to begin with shows a lot of commitment from her past and the promises she makes to keep low taxes and also support the state resources which will go along way in benefiting the citizens (Hilley 99).  She has in addition successfully managed to lay down the required legislation required for Alaskan pipeline (Wren 112).  Besides, she has been able to identify the needs and create a forward movement to seek these goals thereby portraying her as a good leader by not using the managerial supervision models.  She stood up as a leader against her own party members who abused their power thereby risking her political career but portraying her strong moral and leadership standards.  She finally managed to bring together democrats, independents and republicans to change the status in Alaska thereby indicating her leader follower strong character (Hilley 125-131).

            Secondly, Ron Hubbard had articulated his leadership effectiveness through examination of the different problems that faced organizations  management.  His critical analysis of the problems that faced the organizations and subsequent establishment of a mechanism to cope with it indicate commitment (Rael 88).  He referred and communicated adequately insisting that new approach must be envisaged through comprehensive and effective transfer to the modern systems of administration.  His leader follower dependence and leadership management are clear as he insists on affinity, reality, and communication as a triangle for effective responses throughout the leadership process.

            To add to that, captain Abrashoff Michael exhibits perfect leadership effectiveness in the way he handled and managed to turn a failing ship into one of the best ships in the navy.  Where some felt that there was sexual harassment, others were furious about favoritism and the rest felt there was prejudice, Abrsshoff managed to bring them all together and focused their views on their likenesses and common goals rather than their differences.  He changed the leadership in the ship organization from order giving and order taking to one of trust and ownership where every body was appreciated.  This great ability to bring diversity in leadership, as well as portray high level leader follower relationship makes him win all the credits (Abrashoff 112).   

            However, the following divergent events indicate some leaders using different routes to effect leadership systems.  In contrast with the ethical leadership qualities, captain Abrashoff did not consider the reality of the situation in the ship.  Claims of sexual harassment and discrimination should have been handled on the basis of truth with the wrong acts being reprimanded strongly.  Captain Abrashoff adopting new strategies to cope and forget the previous ones may serve only to cover the problem and not solving it.  He also fears greatly to be mentioned negatively in the media therefore trying to cover all his negative side (Abrashoff 139).   Secondly, in General Hayden’s case the quality of leader follower relationship is greatly contrasted in the mode in which general Hayden secretly conducts his leadership.  Though his daily actions and decision making processes are highly valued, he have poor leader follower relationship with his access being very minimal or possibly on the phone.  Even if his nvestigations are strongly geared towards high morality and integrity application, he is less understood by the his followers (Michael 14-36).


            Leadership qualities are important in attainment of the different objectives for better coexistence and smooth life. They form the basis of development and satisfaction among the leaders and the followers.  The leaders should always serve the followers as they are elevated in the leadership positions on the platform of serving them. The whole chain is also important for national cohesion and international relations since leaders act as the bridge between the administration and the followers.  Finally, Emphasis should be  encouraged and laid down for the followers to choose the good leaders and mechanisms put for punishing and reprimanding them through checks and balances in the legislations.

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