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What are the best qualities to look for in the leader of a business team? There are many qualities that could make someone a great team leader. However, not all great leaders have the same good qualities, and all good qualities are not found in every leader because everyone has their own strong and weak points. What is important is to figure out your own values and working styles, then look for a leader with whom your personal traits and qualities can complement each other. Doing so will likely develop a strong foundation for growth and success. Three of the most important traits that I would personally look for in a strong leader would be integrity, self confidence, and intelligence. One of the most important traits to seek in a strong leader and entrepreneur is integrity. For a person to have integrity, it means that they will act with honesty and reliability. They also demonstrate take responsibility for their actions and not try to sugar-coat things or cover them up. Being able to trust in a leader is incredibly important because that means that people following the leader or working with him or her can trust that what is said is what will be done.

That in turn means no deceptions and no unfortunate surprises. A leader with integrity will likely also demonstrate good ethics, another key trait for developing a successful enterprise. An entrepreneur creates a business and sets an example that reflects who they are as a person. Acting with integrity will create an environment that the entrepreneur can be proud of. There is certainly a challenge to reach success and have good rapport with stakeholders without trustworthiness and honesty. Of course, it is certainly possible to make one’s way to success with fake or no integrity. There are examples of people who have done so and who have made themselves rich even though they are of poor character. Chances are though, that those same people have not so pleasant things happen to them. People like that end up getting sued, are not well-liked, cease to be able to make their business grow, or they have even ended up in prison. Those kinds of situations have repercussions in themselves such as high blood pressure, heart problems, and other health issues that can become severe. If the leader of a group demonstrates strong integrity, it is more likely that the people working with him or her will follow suit and strive to show that same trait.

Not to mention it seems that people, such as potential investors or customers, tend to be able to sense integrity and will be drawn in more to the company. If employees or partners don’t trust their leader, they won’t be as committed and will likely not stay. Similarly, if someone like a venture capitalist or any investor can’t distinguish integrity or finds evidence of low trustworthiness, it’s highly doubtful they would use their time or money on that situation. A second key trait to find in a potential leader of a business team is self confidence. Having self confidence leads to having a myriad of other good qualities. For instance, a self confident person believes that what they do can make a difference and it also means they probably have a high sense of self worth and self assurance. Self confidence is definitely a trait that can flood through a team or business. It is contagious and when someone sees self confidence, it inspires more confidence in themselves. Also, if a leader is confident that what he or she is doing is right, it can help them to motivate others and push them in the right direction, which is essential for team building. A confident and assured team is far more efficient and effective.

Self confidence is a trait that will allow someone to commit to something more easily. Why would someone be motivated to do something if they felt they were incapable of doing it? A good leader and entrepreneur needs to be able to stick to a project, even when times are tougher or when plans need to drastically change. If others in the team can sense that their leader is low in confidence, they may worry that he or she will abandon the project just because they don’t feel as good about it or because they have to put in more hours or effort than they planned on. However, a team that knows they have a determined and confident leader will work harder and with fewer worries. Self confidence is incredibly important for a leader to have because it increases the chance of successful business creation. It takes a lot of confidence in an initial idea to get it off the ground in the first place. Then the leader has to feel they can successfully sell the idea to investors or customers. Self confidence also helps in dealing with the unknown; you have to believe you can make it through anything that comes your way. That also means believing in yourself when it comes to make or break decisions.

Having the confidence to persevere and do what needs to be done can be the difference between success and failure. A third important trait in a good leader is intelligence. Intelligence is not about having some kind of great education from some great school. It’s more about having a superior verbal and reasoning ability. To be a team leader, you must be able to talk to the team in a concise manner while encompassing all the details you need to get across. Ineffective verbal ability will lead to far more mistakes and misconceptions. Verbal ability is also highly important when speaking to customers, suppliers, investors, and others of the like. Successfully selling a business concept is highly dependent on the founder’s ability to explain the companies’ product, mission, purpose, etc. Having intelligence attributes to awareness of the surroundings. This is very important when looking for niches in the market that could be a successful opportunity. It also helps when having to be innovative and creative to change a products direction because the market changed. Those things tie into understanding the customer and being able to focus on how to best serve people’s wants and needs.

It is not enough to just create a product. Value and experience need to be created for the customer, otherwise the product won’t sell and the business won’t grow. For an entrepreneurial leader that employs these qualities I am choosing to focus on Fred Smith, the founder, chairman, president, and CEO of Federal Express a.k.a. FedEx. An example if Smith’s integrity would be using FedEx resources to provide humanitarian assistance to those in need like for disaster relief. He also is trying to make FedEx more energy efficient by using more efficient vehicles. In general he is seen in a positive light, and hasn’t caused any kind of public stirs with dishonesty. Smith has demonstrated confidence by starting with a small service, and seeing it through to the billion dollar company that it is today.

He has shown intelligence in running FedEx for such a long time, and updating its products and services, such as incorporating technology over the years, to fit to customer needs. Had he not done so, the company would have not have continued to generate such revenues. Smith is clearly an effective leader that can overcome obstacles and run a steady company. His strong leadership and management skills have allowed the company to have low problem rates and high customer satisfaction. He has also created a healthy business environment in which employees are well trained, highly motivated, and skilled at their jobs. All this combined has come to create a leader in logistics.

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