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Leadership Within the Group Essay Sample

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Leadership Within the Group Essay Sample

The purpose of this paper will explain leadership within the group, the usage of power, and others that will cover this assignment. We will also be covering the key points of the group’s aspects and what role should be done in order to get the job done. There are a lot of steps to get through this process, but in order to have a team; there is always someone above the entire team that is in charge.

My role is Director of women’s recovery housing. My duties lead and guide women recovering from drugs and alcohol, interviews, presentation, take applications, for the women interested in our program and screening to see if they are accepted. If accepted into our program, their first two weeks is called transition. We provide them transportation to meetings, and appointments. Our organization assists women recovering from drugs and alcohol. We have many volunteers throughout the year. Our volunteers are asked what way they would like to assist our organization. My design of leadership is to appoint tasks according to choice at one’s convenience. By initiating such we find that our volunteers are more enthusiastic to accept perplexing work when they observe leadership generating an aspiration to accommodate as many people as we can.

Staff is administering information. So there’s no questioning in their minds about what they need to accomplish. The organizations members engaged are enlightened about the contrasting tasks that require being complete so they can coach anyone, who request collaboration.

We acknowledge individual volunteers by communication for the duration of the project. We discover that this keeps the volunteers motivated by acknowledging what they do satisfactory and where they require guidance.

Be sure to build your cooperation in every one of the projects understanding assistants. A Director takes part by leading by example, in the project. When you lead by example your staff and volunteers are consistent and ambitious during dilemmas also discord.

When I use the term usage of power, I am not talking about who is in charge over everything I am talking about what strategies the staffs of this team use to get the work done. This type of power can determine how far are the employees willing to go to over step the limit and get the job done the right way that it is supposed to be. In this process, this type of power that the staffs are given can show me, how well they will use the power, and who is capable of taking on the role as a great leader of this organization. As a leader show recommendation of the way the program is functioning. Be open for advice

The attendants in this authoritative position use their power in a very significant way, because their job consists of helping people. For example, let the volunteers know their services, patience and time is grateful and creates uniqueness to our program. Address benefits and cherish volunteers’ eagerness although some may not want to be recognized. Always give them internal enlightenment before you deliver it to others, so they feel they have certain advantages for donating time. Always set aside a time to reward, your helpers. Have a vision for upcoming events. When volunteers know that they are appreciated, they will return to assist with other events.

There are positions that my staffs have to put themselves in just to make sure the project is where it should be and so that everyone is happy about the work at the end of the day. Even though it is not the type of power that we will normally see, but it does determine who can get ahead by the skills that they show to me.

In this team of people, there are so many influential powers that I possess, and that I can possess. I make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to do, and encouraging the team to not to let our organization down no matter how hard the work is. Sometimes I may not even be the leader of our group, and I will still show leadership and take matters into my hands to show that anyone can become a leader.

My team defines power by having the courage in doing what is right, and
knowing the limits and standards of their job. We know how to measure the role of leadership, which we all take a part in and try to make it understandable to do what will make everyone’s job much easier. We have some changes on how we do work, but I do think that we all can and will benefit from this organization.

Well there are different extents that I exert my power like, going out of my way to take less fortunate people to work if they do not have a car. I also take my granddaughter school shopping, which makes her and me very happy, and I always give back to the community. I try to go the whole way with my power, because I feel like that I have something to rove, and I want to be heard by the people, and the ones that are close to me, to help encourage the work that I do in this community.

To wrap this up, I can say that there can be different meanings of having power, and the way that my staff goes about using it. We use it for good, and it can take us a long way on the leadership role, which can bring other organizations together, to become better as one. In this business, there is more than one leader in this business, and I hope that my staff and I know that we are equal and we are one in the same helpers to this organization.


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