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Strategic change has become a necessary feature in most of the organizations. When comes to health and social care organizations changes are inevitable in order to provide the best quality care to the service users. Writing an essay on leading strategic change in health and social care may look very difficult. When I started writing my essay, I also felt the same. But today I want to challenge you giving some tips for writing an essay on the same topic. First of all, consider yourself as a newly recruited senior or middle manager in a health care organization and you are prompted to make some changes. Then you are going to find out what prompts you to make that changes. They are drivers for change. The answer might be as follows: * Something goes wrong and I want to prevent it happen again. * I come across a good idea and want to try it out.

* There is an opportunity and I want to exploit it.
* I want to deliver better services.
* I want to be a success and run a successful service.
* I am told to meet a target and I can’t do so if we carry on the way we have traditionally done. * I have been told to make efficiency savings.
* I am instructed to make a change.
In all these cases stated above, people want the changes they make not only a superficial effect but also to have sustainable real benefits. (will be continued)

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