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1. What went wrong for Alejandro? What mistakes did he make?

Firstly, Alejandro’s team members did not view him as an authentic leader. They had no respect for or confidence in him probably because they sensed his self doubt so they disregarded his plan and did not pay attention. Secondly, Dan answered his phone and left for his weekly tennis game which everyone seemed to know about except Alejandro. As soon as the other team members saw that Dan wasn’t interested enough to participate in the meeting, they also lost all interest and followed through with the disrespect because they viewed Alejandro’s plan as just another idea so they began to come up with a plan of their own. Alejandro’s first mistake was that he had no confidence in himself. For example, when Dan initially assigns him with the task, he began to doubt himself and questions the reasons why Dan chose him rather than the “old hands” with more experience. This shows that he wasn’t aware of his strengths and weaknesses so he was unable to present his plan effectively and confidently. Additionally, Alejandro failed to get the other managers involved in his plan to help motivate the other team members.

2. Did Dan make a mistake in putting Alejandro in charge?

Dan did not make a mistake by putting Alejandro in charge because he obviously saw some qualities that made him good for the task. However, since Alejandro was not as experienced, Dan should have mentored him by listening to his plan and giving him feedback on it.

3. What should have been done to make the plan work? What should Alejandro have done differently? What should Dan have done differently?

To make the plan work, Dan should have led by example and remained present at the meeting as well as be truthful with Alejandro about his “tennis date” with Jen. By leaving, he undermined Alejandro’s authority and made the others feel as if his plan was not important.

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