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League of Governors Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Minutes of the Second Regular Session of League of Governors held last July 27, 2013 at Room 002 of Holy Name University, Tagbilaran City

I. Call to Order
The session was called to order by the Presiding Officer, Sec. Gerisse Marie Marmito at 2:40 in the afternoon.

II. Invocation
The opening prayer was led by the Governor of the College of Engineering, Gov. Charly Aparicio.

III. Roll Call
The Presiding Officer asked the Secretary to do the roll call of officers. The officers present were the following:

Sec. Gerisse Marie Marmito-Presiding Officer
Ma. Yadzeska Thaiara Requillo-Secretary
Gov. Nitze Lomod-CBA Governor
Gov. Melissa Acera-CCS Governor
Gov. Mary Cielo Padillo-CoED Governor
Gov. Charly Aparicio-CoE Governor

IV. Presiding Officer’s Time
The Presiding Officer greeted everyone. She apologized for being late and thanked those who attended the previous session. She also introduced her newly appointed undersecretary, Ma. Yadzeska Thaiara Requillo.

V. Governor’s Report
The Presiding Officer asked each of the governors regarding the activities of their respective department. The first to report was the Governor of the College of Education, Gov. Mary Cielo Padillo. She said that, as of now, they are working with their organizational chart. The Governor of the College of Engineering, Gov. Charly Aparicio, said that they just recently designed and checked their bulletin board. Gov. Nitze Lomod, the Governor of the College of Business and Accountancy, said that they are focusing more for the upcoming Intramurals. She also reported that they are still in need for participants. They are also working on the auditions for the dancesport. She also mentioned about their booths for the event. The Governor of the College of Computer Studies, Gov. Melissa Acera, said that they are also working on the hiphop and dancesport competition and then mentioned that there will be practices for the participants every Tuesday and Thursday for the month of August.

All of the governors reported about their plans and designs for their respective departm

ental tshirts. VI. Agenda The Presiding Officer asked Gov.

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Nitze Lomod for the next item in the Order of Business, which was about the House Rules of the League of Governors. The Presiding Officer gave the officers 5 minutes to scan the said House Rules. The officers did what they were told to do. After 5 minutes, the Presiding Officer opened the table for possible amendments yet there were none.

The second item on the agenda was the Intramurals which will be on September 4-7, 2013. The Presiding Officer informed the officers on the tentative activities for the event. She mentioned about Bibo Bates, Hiphop Contest, Dancesport, Acoustic Session and The Amazing Race. Gov. Mary Cielo Padillo asked about the amazing race. The Presiding Officer explained that there will be groups from each of the departments. She also said that the number of participants is still to be planned.

The third item on the agenda was the Mini Bar Reports. Gov. Mary Cielo Padillo, who was in charge of the money, reported that they lack manpower, it didn’t went well and it somehow became too confusing. The Presiding officer then suggested about a division of work. Since there were still foods and drinks not sold during the Acquaintance Party, the officers decided that it shall be used for the CAS Sportsfest this coming August 3, 2013. The College of Engineering and Education were assigned for the drinks while the College of Computer Studies were assigned for the foods. Committees shall also be formed. Gov. Nitze Lomod suggested about the idea of a “barkada treat”. It is more convenient and there’s an assurance that foods and drinks shall be sold efficiently. This was then agreed by the Presiding Officer and governors.

VII. Other Matters
Gov. Nitze Lomod asked something about the irresponsibility of a co-officer and what shall be done for such. The Presiding Officer responded about this and said that there will be a first warning. Once repeatedly done and ignored, replacement of the said officer shall take after. Gov. Melissa Acera also asked about certain elected officers who were not able to attend the inauguration. The Presiding Officer then explained that the concerned elected officer shall report to an oath taking given that only appointed officers are required to attend the activity. Gov. Mary Cielo Padillo also requested for an office. The Presiding Officer said that she will still pass a letter to the administration regarding the said request. Gov. Nitze Lomod asked about an officer’s involvement of part-time jobs, if this shall affect her responsibilities as an officer. The Presiding Officer said that she may file a leave of absence. Landyards for every department were also suggested.

The Presiding Officer reminded the officers about their liquidation reports. She said that the deadline will be on Wednesday. She also mentioned that there will be a fine of P50 per day for not passing on time.

VIII. Adjournment
Having no more topics to be discussed, the session was adjourned at 03:50 pm.


Presiding Officer

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