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Author: Zoilo Galang- Zoilo Galang was born at June 27, 1895 in Bacolor, Pampanga. He was one of the first Filipino writers in English. He was the first Filipino writer to make an English novel entitled, “A Child of Sorrow” Setting: •Time- April •Place- Fertile Valley, Merry town, Manila Character Analysis: •Lucio Soliman- A wise, kind, and poetic man who loves Rosa Garcia with his whole heart. •Rosa Garcia- A beautiful, pure, and virtuous

•Rosa Garcia- A beautiful, pure, and virtuous woman who had happiness with Lucio Soliman but then suffered in sorrow with Oscar Ramirez. •Oscar Ramirez- An intelligent yet selfish man who doesn’t think about anyone else’s happiness except his. •Pancho Ismael- A long-time governor in Merry town because of bribery. Even though he was Rosa’s father, he didn’t care of his daughter’s happiness. Summary:

(1)It was summer in April when Lucio and Camilo had prepared for their travel and went to Merry town, where they discovered lots of joy in simple things. (2)Lucio also learned some traits or personalities of some people in Merry town. (3)Like how a Governor Pancho Ismael can be so corrupt or how an Oscar Ramirez be an intelligent yet selfish guy, but he did not have any hatred because he met a Rosa Garcia who was beautiful inside and out. (4)After Lucio’s meeting with Rosa, he developed a feeling for her, something he cannot describe, and something he hasn’t experienced before. (5)After a few days, Lucio met Rosa again, confessing his feelings for her, and they’ve become partners after Rosa said that she felt the same way.

(6)Lucio spent most of his time with Rosa when he was at Merry town but, the time came that his vacation in Merry town was over and he needed to go back to his provincial town. (7)It was very hard for Rosa and Lucio but he promised that he would not forget her and he would be back when he knows he may not be able to leave. (8)At first, Lucio got very depressed and lifeless after his separation.

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