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Education is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects to a child’s development. As a young child, I was very lucky to have teachers that I felt I could relate to, talk to and who made learning fun. Through my own experiences and through observations of others, I came to a conclusion. Sometimes, as a parent, you may find a teacher who has amazing credentials having graduated from a top

a top university. Some parents automatically think that because the teacher is well educated, that he/she is perfect for the job. However in that process, was the child’s personal opinion asked? Ultimately a child’s learning and willingness to communicate efficiently with their teacher impacts on how well the lessons work. I used to have a very good maths teacher. I met him in Year 5 and he walked into class. Standing vey still at the front of the class, he opened his mouth and said, “My brother has an IQ of 130. However he is the stupidest person in my life because he never asks questions. It is my belief that if you don’t have any questions to ask, I am not doing my job right.” I thought to myself, I like this teacher. I don’t know why, I just do.

I used to have no self-confidence and hate maths with a burning passion. I dreaded going to tutoring lessons for maths, however miraculously, I became excited for Maths class. I would listen raptly as the teacher taught, laugh when he told punny jokes then I would arrive home and proceed to show my parents all that I had learnt. After my grades improved a bit, my parents decided that maths tutoring was no longer necessary. The weird thing was, I was sad to leave. My friends thought I was weird, a curiosity. A child that actually enjoyed learning? Impossible! That had been my view too, but having a teacher that I felt drawn to made me realise that, sometimes, learning is fun. This year, I reluctantly went back to maths tutoring, albeit at a different place. The famed Dr Du coaching centre, guaranteed to turn your child into a maths genius. I went along with it, but week after week, getting progressively worse results. I started to think that I would never learn anything and dreaded going to lessons.

I finally understood what the other children had meant when they said they hated tutoring. Towards the end of the term, I had several discussions with my parent over why my grades weren’t improving as expected. The only reason I could come up with was: I don’t like the lessons. I just don’t. Hard as it was to accept for my dad, my mum realised straightaway what the problem was. I didn’t connect with the teacher, and I never would. She hired a new teacher, and I have to say, I like my teacher. I’m finding I am growing a fond affection for maths. As the demand grows for students to be pushed harder, higher, learn more things, I think it’s time for grown-ups to take a step back and listen to the children. Every individual is different, and every individual learns in different ways. By choosing teachers and teaching methods more suited to your children, we can show them that learning is fun.

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