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The English language has paced a long way on upgrading the holistic system – personal, professional and economic elevation of peoples’ lives. It has uplifted a country’s modern status through its elaborated way of touching human lives. In the context of complex and fast fluxed present situation, English language to the global market has taken vast undertakings on boasting a country’s development. Thus, English is a prerequisite to the learners who definitely need to be bilingual so as to be flexible to the dynamics of modern changes. To Brown (2000) becoming bilingual is a way of life, for it is difficult for a country to live on isolation, as no nation can afford to rely on its domestic store of knowledge alone, hence there is a need for students to learn English as a second language in the Philippines.

English is the language of international communication, higher learning and better career options and choices. And due to its significance as a global language, Philippines’ basic education considers English as a major subject for the elementary and secondary levels of learning. In order to be effective with the current pedagogic system, teaching English as a subject should always be natural, agreeable and stimulating to expect optimum learning results because a motivated student who is eager to learn and acquire language skills, upturn good responses to their mentors. Educators, however, clearly admit that, most of the students commonly encounter difficulties in learning English language as a subject. Though, it provides an immense stream of knowledge to the academic clienteles still the learning of English has for its goal developing communicative competence which is essential in enabling learners to use language in multiple functions both correctly and appropriately.

Considering the students as the most crucial key elements for a progressive nation, teachers must channel on numerous ways to prepare students to become proficient and skillful in communication to be more competitive. Moreover, they should profoundly analyze that honing student skills is more than feeding them the right grammar rules or assisting them to master their four macro skills. Tapping their skills and harnessing their full potentials is of great use in promoting interactive and dynamic learning in the classroom using approaches and methodologies from conventional to the non-traditional if only to provide opportunities for students to learn the English language effectively.

The ability of the students to use English is required in interactional learning activities where they create novel utterances and understand meaning in situational context. Sad to say, however, that there is a continuous decline of the quality of English learning in our education today. The language problem, particularly the deteriorating quality of English in many schools poses a threat to the efficiency and quality of the educational system as the English language is the medium of both instruction and the learning process in the secondary and tertiary levels of learning.

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