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Describe your strongest dimension on the personality spectrum. The personality spectrum categorizes personalities into four types: a thinker, organizer, giver and adventurer. My strongest dimension is that I am a giver. I’m a honest person and I’ve always wanted to help other. I was taught to treat others how you would want to be treated, living by the golden rule “Do unto others and you would have them do unto

do unto you”. Starting from when I was a teenager, 13 to be exact, I started off cutting grass and mowing neighbors yards three times a for a small fee for those that weren’t able to mow their yards. I enjoyed doing it and I enjoyed putting a smile on their faces. My honesty would be the strongest because honesty is the key to it all. The world would be such a better place with more happier people if everyone was honest. Either way at the end of the day, I feel good about myself because I could help others.

Describe how each practice activity reinforced or contradicted something about yourself? Each of these practices reinforced me in all my areas of skills. I always look at things from other’s point of view and have an open mind in all situations. I really, really enjoyed the first activity where you type your name and phone number, the results really reinforced my learning preference even though I thought I would type a lot quicker with my dominant hand than with my non dominant hand and I did but not by much. I was just able to type a few more letters with my dominant than my so I was not shocked. The second activity, the results indicate that I learn well using the visual learning preference, which I agree as well. In practice three, I learned I prefer to use the more abstract approach and that I would prefer to have a more random style of teaching than the linear style. The linear style of teaching most likely too much of one set learning preferences and is not a variety of different styles all together.

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