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Some members of our team have had tenure with UOP as early as 2005. Since that time, and before, the University of Phoenix, (UOP) has made it clear that learning teams are a required activity. Over the years, the UOP forum has had a myriad of comments regarding the validity of learning teams compared to real world business. Individuals in the workplace and learning groups can provide a positive or negative impact. Members of our team have experienced substandard contributions that affect student grades or curdle the learning process. Students enter academia with various levels of ethics, professionalism, education, skills, and more importantly, commitment. A substandard contributor told one of our members that he only cared about passing the course.

He did not care about the grade. Therefore, our team has experienced input from the relevant to negligent, exemplary to inferior, prompt to behind schedule. The primary issues include errant members that procrastinate. Procrastination is not an issue of priority, and more an issue of putting less pleasurable tasks to the last minute. “I will clean my room later Mom!” Our team consists of relevant contributors who care about the work and provide value to the team effort. Team questions about the problem

Members of our group have a consistent lack of motivation from some members. What causes lack of motivation? Is there anything that can inspire you to be motivated? Why haven’t you been able to contribute? Why do some participate more than others? Why does my grade suffer due to lack of team participation? What can be done, so my grade doesn’t get affected by team members? Critical Questions

Team A believes the most critical questions are “What causes lack of motivation?” and “Is there anything that can inspire you to be motivated?” The key is for every team member to take a moment and answer these questions. Once answered, the student and the team can focus on solutions to overcome the lack of motivation or increase motivation. Following the solution will help all team members to be active in the group discussions along with finishing assignments on time. These are keys for the team to perform well, and everyone is getting the best grades possible. Non-Critical Questions

According to our team, the most non-critical question is “Why do some students participate more than others?” Does it matter why some students participate more when compared to others? Or is the quality of participation more important? Participation levels can be less or more than others since there are so many things that enrich a student’s life and determine a student’s involvement. According to “Harvard College” (2014), “Your activities complement your studies. Your commitment level is entirely up to you,” (Develop Talents and Explore New Passions). It is not the quantity of the input; it is the quality of information. The Answers we need

In order to ensure that all of the team members are on board, Team A will need to know the answers to what causes the lack of motivation. Once the issue is found, the issues can be addressed and then changes can be applied. Once the changes are used, it will then be debated if the motivation problem has been solved. If it has not, then another plan should be put together to get the problem fixed. If the problem was repaired, then everyone can continue to move forward. Another answer, that would need to, answer is, “Why do some do more work than others.” When people are working as a team, they need to realize that some do put in more work than others depending on what their initial job is. Some may get upset over this, so the team needs to answer the question as to why and therefore fix the problem. Conclusion

Team A is excited about working together for the first time. We have asked and answered the tough questions and are ready to wade into the job of learning together.


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