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There is no reason for an argument on which side of the brain is better because they are both used for different functions. A good example would be that most people who are left sided are often more logical than the right. The right side is said to be more intuitive thoughtful and subjective. The right side of the brain theory grew out of the work of Roger W. Sperry. The

Roger W. Sperry. The right side of the brain controls Recognizing faces, expressing emotions, reading emotions, color, images, intuition, and creativity. The left side of the brain control language, logic, critical thinking, numbers, and reasoning. A good thing that you should do is figure out your strengths and weaknesses from both sides, Because the strength of one side will cover the weakness of the other side.

In conclusion of the research that the hemispheres of the brain that no one person can be just right or left sided. It is not ok to call someone just right sided or left sided. If they are able to do one thing better than the other that just means that they are stronger in that side and they are weaker in the other it doesn’t mean that they are only one side of the brain.

The executive functions of the frontal lone is Judgment which is using past experiences, considering values, and applying appropriate measures. Decision-making considering choices and selecting (like or dislike) to make a decision. Planning and doing all the activities of the event which is organization a celebration for a future time. What I have concluded is that that the frontal lobe controls all of the main functions needed to survive in the world. This information is important because I helps us to look at how people go about doing each function the frontal lobe does.

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