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This paper will identify the issue of overcrowding inside of prisons. This paper will explain how prisons accommodate space for prisoners after all cells are filled. This paper will elaborate on how overcrowding inside of a prison could threaten the lives of inmates as well as officers. This paper will also analyze overcrowding inside of a prisons leading to health issues.

Imagine yourself having to live in filth with thousands of complete strangers who are viewed by society as “Criminals”. Imagine being boxed-in and sandwiched between others due to overcrowding. Imagine not being able to secure your personal belongings. Imagine not being able to shower, eat, sleep or just not having a piece of mind. Many prisons are overcrowded due to holding more prisoners than they can accommodate. Many people often commit crimes and should be punished for their actions, however, overcrowding in prisons are unsanitary, unsafe and unjust.

Prisoners are being added to the system faster than the state can build cells for them. People are being sentenced to prison for years for types of offenses that once received only probation or a couple of days in jail. Most misdemeanor cases receive less of a punishment than that of a felony. It seems that people, who commit misdemeanor cases such as driving with suspended license, are actually being incarcerated for long periods of time. Prisons have set up “made-up” dorms such as gymnasiums and dayrooms to accommodate space for inmates. Instead of transferring prisoners to prisons that has space, prisoners are forced into sharing a very small space with thousands of other inmates. Unsanitary cells, dirty lavatories, broken showers and mattresses on the ground are all negative effects of overcrowding in prisons. Prisoners are being treated like animals.

Overcrowding in prisons threatens the lives of the inmates and officers. Overcrowding inhabits inmates to find ways to relieve stress violently toward other inmates and/or officers. Some people can’t adjust to sharing such small spaces with others. Not having one’s own space leads to inmates being angry, destructive and “on-edge”. Overcrowding is irritating in any situation because it gets overwhelming after a while. Due to overcrowding, stealing is easier to commit while inside, which could result into death if another inmate found out. Because inmates are not able to secure their items, less fortunate inmates may steal. Often, times in prison gets out of control and violence plays a major part.

Overcrowding is a serious factor to many health problems inside of prisons. Overcrowding is leading to an increase in deaths of inmates that are incarcerated due to untreated health issues that range from AIDS to tuberculosis that circulates throughout the prisons. Diseases transmitted through communication and contact, mental health and psychotic traits are all examples of the health issues that remain inside of prisons due to overcrowding. Overcrowding inside of prisons leads to health issues on the outside due to prior offenders being released back into the population. Many diseases that have been transmitted inside of the prisons are being introduced to society which creates an epidemic.

Overcrowding inside of prisons results in unsanitary conditions, health problems and violence geared toward inmates and officers. The fact that prisoners are not able to shower properly, eat properly or be confined to their own space is the same treatment that many animals receive. Overcrowding in prisons is unsafe and unjust which causes problems from society as far as government and human laws are concerned.

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