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Controversial issues have many argumentative objections throughout the nation. Our society today has grown in a strict environment believing the population lives in a free country yet present restrictions introduce ideas otherwise. Current conflicts including the legalization of marijuana contradicts this theory of living in a free society through the government, medical use, and changing society’s outlooks. Thus, the legalization of marijuana would open many doors and opportunities throughout the nation.

To begin, the government would benefit from legalizing marijuana. What seems to be confusing is that the people of United States are under the influence of living in a free country. Whether someone smokes or not should not concern of the government (National Institute on Drug Abuse 2). With this being said, if marijuana were to be legalized, it would help the government financially as well as reduce the number of criminals in the United States (Stroup, R. Keith 1). Financially, the government wastes unneeded money related to marijuana on needs such as police, prosecutorial resources, clogging courts, filling costly and scarce jail and prison space, and needlessly wrecking jobs and careers.

As a result, it costs $22,000 a year of taxpayers’ money to keep one prisoner in jail. The country spends $67 billion a year on law enforcement. If marijuana were legal, not only would the government save money on the objections listed but would also actually make money. Cigarettes could be taxed which would help the state and the country as a whole. As appealing as saving money sounds, another benefit would be that of crime reduction (Storm 1). Above all, possession of marijuana is one of the most prevalent reasons of crime. If marijuana were to be legal, the level of criminal activity and gang violence would also reduce. It wastes billions of dollars in law enforcement resources and needlessly wrecks the lives of millions of our citizens.

Also, medical marijuana is another main reason for legalization (Earlywine, Mitch 4). Medical marijuana is used from a pain reliever to exorcism. Marijuana resolves conflict by de-emphasizing extreme aggressiveness of the approachable side of human nature. It is noted that marijuana is needed to help ease through suffers of chemotherapy, epilepsy, alcoholism, asthma, glaucoma, sclerosis, AIDS, and many other illnesses (Bello, Joan 1). More than 30 million people suffer from migraine headaches. Consequently, billions of dollars are spent on prescription drugs to help the sympathetic nerve system when over-activated. As a result, marijuana balances the atomic nervous system. It is also used as a muscle relaxant and a mild vasodilator that lowers blood pressure. Another fact to conceder is every year 15 million people are diagnosed with depression. “Marijuana Therapy” is one of the most basic and beneficial remedy for clinical depression. Used as a relaxant, the brain receives richly oxygenated blood through the dilation in all brain capillaries.

Myths are one of the leading factors for the negative outlook on marijuana (Hager, Paul 2). The claims of biological harms include brain damage, infertility, and immune-system impairment. None of these effects have ever been recorded to date yet are believed by millions around the nation. Another misleading argument is that marijuana impairs short-term memory. This statement is true but misleading. Any impairment of short-term memory disappears when one is no longer under the influence of marijuana. A major misleading argument is that marijuana is much more dangerous than tobacco and alcohol. This too is very misleading. Marijuana contains the same amount of carcinogens as does an equal amount of tobacco. Keep in mind that tobacco has a 90% addiction rate whereas marijuana is less addicting than caffeine. Marijuana is also much safer than alcohol. Alcohol impairs the mind and actions one makes while driving intoxicated (Stroup, R. Keith 3).

Likewise, driving while intoxicated is the only clear risk of marijuana users. However, it’s not as debilitating as alcohol because it is a psychomotor impairment which is not a major contribution toward highway accidents and gives the user a good social sense. Millions of incidents are reported where someone has had too much alcohol yet no one has ever died from a marijuana overdose (Hager, Paul 1). Although society would frown upon the proposed idea of legalizing weed, it makes no sense that alcohol appears to be more harmful than weed yet is sold to adults. Marijuana smokers, like those who drink alcohol, have a responsibility to behave appropriately to assure their recreational drug use is obtained in a responsible manner. Legal rights would affect those who can get it, how much it costs, how they get it, and who produces it. Overall, this would make society a safer environment.

In conclusion, controversial issues have many argumentative objections throughout the nation. Legalizing marijuana has support through the government, medical use, and changing society’s outlooks. Thus, the legalization of marijuana would open many doors and opportunities throughout the nation.

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