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In Uruguay there is a movement to legalize marijuana, and the Uruguayan government attempts to become the first government in the world to legally sell marijuana. Socially, the government wants to separate the traffickers from the users. Politically, this is a bold step by their President to take a different approach to and old problem. They feel economically that this program will increase revenue.

By Uruguay trying to legalize marijuana they might improve the lives of people living there. The dealers will be getting less income. They look for keeping people safe from dealers so then they can find drugs. They intend to find hard drugs like heroin and cocaine. So they intend to separate the dealers from the users. To kick the prohibition habit will not be easy, but people in Uruguay will adjust soon. The Uruguayan government will become the first government in the world to sell marijuana. Their President is really pushing for the legalization to go through the Congress. They are looking to take 30-40 million dollar dealing away from criminals and the black market. The money from the selling of marijuana, by the government, will be going to rehab centers.

The Uruguayan government will be gaining more money from selling marijuana if they legalize it, because other countries will go to Uruguay to buy marijuana. It will also increase tourism in the country. They will be using the money from the revenue to increase drug education in Uruguay.

In conclusion this is a good idea. Socially, it’s keeping people away from criminals and harder drugs. Politically, it is a bold step a new and interesting way to stop traffickers. Economically, it will bring in money to the country. It will decrease the income of dealers and criminals and increase the education. I think this is a good solution to the drug trafficking problem. Why go to a guy who is selling it for more then go down to the local store and buy it for less money. It’s a new and inventive approach to the problem and I think the idea will work.

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