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Lessons Learned Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

1. I would consider myself a logistician in terms of the armed forces. Reviewing the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, they define a logistician as one who “analyze and coordinate an organizations supply chain-the system that moves a product from supplier to consumer” (March 29, 2012). In the logistician sense I am a mover and like to live my life to the fullest with set goals in mind. I enjoy my chosen occupation and have a strong work ethic to work with. 2. I determine the logistician fits my sense in the reasoning that I am one who looks at the whole picture. I determine what is the purpose and how “we” can work to that goal. Looking at my work ethic I can multi-task and function best when I prioritize my plan of care. Reviewing my patients and determine who and what needs done and when. I am also open-minded and in the nursing profession it is a fact that when one has the day preplanned time needs to be considered for changes: admissions and or patient transfers. My reference to “we” in this sentence refers to

the nursing assistants, therapy, and myself. Our patients all have a goal in terms of discharge and

we are responsible for aiding in fulfillment.

3. I need help/assistance from my assigned nursing assistants. I need for everyone to be on the same page and to be efficient in their assigned responsibilities. The nursing assistants are at times my eyes and ears. They have more interaction with the patients at times then I do. I also need to have a great rap our with our therapy staff, other nurses, and the doctors. In times of difficulty I need to be able to call on others for their assistance. I need to also be available if my peers require my assistance. So, with that being said I need to have teamwork and team players! We all need to be on the same “team”.

4. In terms of military lessons learned: I would agree that to help me on my mission I need a strong military force derived of experienced and well-equipped soldiers. Experienced in the sense of years fought and an understanding of the fundamentals of the military. And well equipped in the sense of ammunition, guerilla warfare, and dedication. Also when looking and referencing sources I would rely on the primary sources: discussing problems or issues with those who have served. Reviewing the events in the Vietnam War it is essential to be aware of those who are on the front line and that “we” know who we are defending. If everyone is on the same page with the same goal in mind the objective is much easier to obtain! As we discussed on the class boards it is said that history repeats itself, with that being said we can use the past to assist us in the future.


March 29, 2012 Business and Financial Logisticians .United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. Retrieved Feb 2 2013 from: www.bls.gov

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