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Humans are constantly learning lessons that will determine their future in a good or bad way. When they acquire new information about something, they will interact with it in a different way because they have learned of it. This ability is present in all organisms, but most dominant in humans. Personally, I think this to be very true since I myself react differently around other people when I learn more about them. What are the basic ways we can learn lessons that will affect our future? The three ways are: by gaining skill, learning from mistakes, and communicating with others.

We are constantly learning skill and doing well in our daily lives. This could mean learning about the job you want to do or for some people just learning more about their culture. Since we were young our basic knowledge and skill came from our parents. They taught us what to do and not to do very well like my dad teach me in math, science and english. A kids basic linguistic, and decisions that separate right from wrong come from our parents teachings since we were young. In the future, this helps us a lot whether in school or just in life. There are also many other ways a person can acquire skill like using the computer, reading books, teachers, and from his past experience. This way the person is prepared for whatever he is learning in the future like someone reads a cooking book and in the future they will already know how to make the dishes from the cooking book. These are all things that can be used to learn lessons to gain skill and positively affect our future.

Humans are a race that is very bright due to the fact that they learn from their mistakes. In fact a scientific method of explaining it would be trial and error. When a mistake is made a human adapts and the next time their brain tells them to react in a more effective way so that mistake isn’t made. This is a method that can be used to learn a lesson from such as I write a wrong answer for a test and after it is marked I can learn from the mistake so I don’t commit it again. Humans have many people and facilities in life that help them develop their sense of awareness to evolve like they go to school where they learn and figure out what they want to be in life. If they were to make a mistake they would learn from it and not commit is again. This helps a lot in the future and occurs in everybody’s life giving them a second chance. Mistakes are made by every human and it is best to learn from them and move on with life.

People learn from others they can rely on for support in learning any lessons or communicating anything unknown to them. In the future this way of learning lessons from a friend helps a lot since everybody in the world gets their knowledge from others. This could include, helping a friend understand fractions in math. This also brings people closer together when they talk and share ideas. They help each other out such as our parents help us in many things we ask for. Overall, people can learn many lessons from reliable people.

We are a species that is constantly learning lessons in our life whether we are six or sixty years old. Lessons help a person improve their future by letting them react to what they learn about very differently. Personally, I think this to be very true and important in our lives. Gaining skill, learning from mistakes, and communicating with others are all basic lessons that can help to improve a person’s future.

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