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I am David and I’m in 8th grade I’m writing this letter to ask for a donation of money for a field trip to Washington Dc. Unfortunately my a single parent and does not have the money to pay for this expensive burden that it cost. The trip cost 1698$ but we need 2100$ for food and souvenirs. If you can provide any assistance on for this large amount of money it will help a lot . I want to go on the trip so I can put it on a college application . This trip would look good with my perfect attendance award for 3 consecutive quarters from my 7th grade year and my merit award from my 6th grade year.

This trip could help the community in the future because a plan to go in to zoology to help conservation of the endanger species. then put a zoo a zoo in buckeye Arizona to help teach kids that if we don’t help with the endanger animal population and they start going extinct the ripple effect will start an end to all ecosystems which we need to live and thrive. My passion for animals started because I used to live on a farm and had a plethora of animals that I used to care for 11 years since I moved to the city I started talking care of stray cats which I work to earn money for food. I current have rescued 3 kittens that I found homes for.

I’m now help a stray cat I called shadow. I’m trying to get shadow spayed so I can find a loving home for her. Living on the farm has gave a lack in social skills so the trip could help me with them because we meet kids for different states. Also do activities with them on which involves going to Philadelphia to study the civil war. I think trip will be fun and very educational .

The program has very organized and strict rules which I agree that they should be in place. One of the rules is that the boys and girls will be separated by 3 floor that a patrolled by security guards that stay up all night in the hotel that were staying in. they also have a great 24/7 medical staff that is linked with the hospital. They have are groups set up by have on kid from my school and 2 kid from a different state. But we will have 4 more kids from other schools and states.

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