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I just finished digging out the trench and adding on the duckboards for preparation for tomorrow’s warfare. I just couldn’t help it; I need to express myself to you on everything that has been going on here in the trenches. The trenches are so cold at the moment darling; I wish it would stay this way though. It’s perfect right now, beautiful snowfall and this I am happy for, brings us back the old memories of me and you. Unfortunately it will not be like this forever, it will be summer in a while and that is going to be bad. I remember last year’s heat wave. The rotten smell of those innocent bodies, just dreadful and those pesky rats will be coming out too, eating every bit of the remaining corpse, but thankfully, I am in the dig out of the trench to get away from the freezing, but memorable weather. Darling, it may not be a five star hotel, but god thank that I am still alive. Yesterday was not that great darling. We got gassed by the enemies, lots of my fellow teammates died as they hadn’t heard the ‘Gas Masks’ call out by the comrades.

Moreover, my back is just aching from all the equipment we had to carry, especially the bayonette although it was a dream of mine to fire a gun. I just wish all the noise was absent for just a day, the bombs were just awful to hear! Tomorrow I’ll be on guard duty using the periscope (telescopes which don’t allow me showing my head to the enemy). It’s going to be hard for me as my trench foot still hasn’t gone, the medics have recommended whale oil to relieve its pain but it isn’t working that well, in a while I am having it chopped off! If that would happen, it would be a relief; I would be back home with you. All because of my darn socks, they have been wet in the mud for five straight days! Darling, you had asked me in the last letter where I had my ‘business’. Well there was this dug out small ditch called a ‘latrine’ and that’s where I did all my ‘business’. It was very different from back home. I have lots of cuts from the barbed wire, they hurt a lot! Hopefully they will heal soon as they really sting. Last week I had been asked to refill the sandbags, if you didn’t know, they are really quite helpful in resisting enemy bullets by letting the bullets get shot on the sandbags.

Oh Darling, I also had the opportunity using the machine gun, it was very challenging and dangerous, my fire step almost fell off! Furthermore darling, there are lots of insects in the trench. I had found lice eggs on my uniform. Considering I hadn’t changed my uniform for a week now! There are everywhere, travelling through the wind. I had to get some of my mate last week, it was awful. In addition, last week we got together with our mates were we had encountered five rats! We immediately took our shovels out and starting swatting them like flies, they were everywhere! I can’t sleep in my dugout, it is over-run with rats. I woke up one morning to find one sitting on my face! I have been starving out here, I miss your delightful cooking, now all we have is biscuits that take out your teeth one by one! I have too much tinned food, although it is good that it is portable and storable anywhere.

When it came to beef bully, it was the worst. It was like chewing gum that was never digestible. We had a low amount of water that I had to search for everyday as well as bread. Some of my mates went on hunger strikes which left them helpless and weak so they had to be sent home, lucky them. Darling, I realized how good and helpful rum was it kept me so warm and comfortable at times. It continued to give me high hopes during war. I forgot to mention, at times we got to have an Irish stew, it was a delicacy, reminds me of your cooking. The only problem is that these stupid rats that keep on eating my food. Well that’s pretty much all you need to know at the moment darling, I’ll be home before you know it!

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