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I am writing with regard to the budget cut in Science that you are considering for the forthcoming general budget allocations. First of all, allow me to explain my situation: I am a scientist with a particular interest in the research of the behaviour of construction materials. In the last years, my research group has achieved important results that will benefit both the construction sector and the society, as (more formal than “because”) we have developed a new system (for analysing/which will help us to analyse) to analyse natural radioactivity that rocks produce. This year we have been considering hiring two young scientists to develop a new protocol for the analysis of these materials. The outcome would be a patent, which is rarely achieved in our scientific field. However, with the new economic situation, we will not be able to go ahead with these contracts.

I have already expressed my opinion on this matter to the university manager and also to the local government, and I was advised to contact you directly.

In order to solve our problem, I would like you to reconsider any further changes in the budget that could affect Science thus, to avoid the total collapse of a very fruitful research line (I am enclosing all the publications we have released over the last five years) and the loss of two promising young researchers who would have to leave the country looking for better opportunities in case we do not sort out (a bit informal) the problem.

Please contact me as soon as possible so I can proceed with our working plan in due time or close down the laboratory otherwise.

Thanks for the interest I am sure you are going to put in solving this matter.

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