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I am delighted to issue this recommendation in favor of Ms. KEERTHI PRIYA ARANI for admission into the graduate program at your renowned university. I have closely followed her progress in the classroom for more than 2 and half years during which I have taught her the subjects SOFTWARE ENGINEERING and ARTIFICIAL INTELIGENCE. My interaction with her during these courses had given me abundant scope to assess her academic and personal capabilities.

A sedulous student with high level of academic commitment Ms. Keerthi priya has sound knowledge of fundamentals and enthusiasm to acquire knowledge. Outstanding leadership qualities, high initiative and strong academic background are few of her assets. She has shown the motivation, intelligence, perseverance and analytical aptitude for computer study. Her amiable and cheerful disposition makes her easily approachable. She is perspicacious in widening the horizon of her knowledge by close interaction with faculty and active involvement in various extra-curricular activities,

Her ability to organize time efficiently and meticulous preparation will be an asset to any research team she joins. Her oratory skills are praiseworthy. She has always been industrious and attentive. I am confident that her sincerity added to her perseverance and good potential for research would enable her to make rapid strives in her career and accustom her to any situation.

Taking into account her overall performance, I rank among the top 8% in her class. I thereby consider her to be efficient of pursuing her Masters program in your university. Hope you would endorse her induction with substantial fiscal assistance.

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